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About Us

It may be cliché at this point, but Boulder, Colorado is a haven for cycling and multi-sport. Between the altitude, the huge variety of climbing, flat, and rolling terrain here provides what can be called an optimal training location for endurance athletes and events. This amazing location is the ultimate backdrop for our business and draws a cycling crazed and highly qualified pools of people from which to build our staff.

We all work very hard to stay on top of ever-evolving world of high-end bicycle frames and components. Every employee at Excel is a cyclist and a high percentage of us have raced in various or multiple disciplines at high levels over the years. Product experience comes from field testing and daily usage- not from a magazine or web review. Our staff also taps into Boulder's tremendous network of professional cyclists and triathletes, many of whom shop in our Boulder showroom. Our local rides and racing scene provide exceptional opportunities to test equipment at levels rarely matched outside the professional peloton. Regular conversations with local pros often give us prototype-testing feedback long before you can find it on the Internet. While we can't list the names of every pro (due to their contractual obligations) who we have a relationship with, suffice to say that many of the top North American cyclists, and international triathletes live or train seasonally in Boulder.

Our warehouse, distribution facility and retail store which services sales, purchasing, customer service and shipping are taken care of at one location, under one roof. Not having multiple locations allow us to better control inventory, communication with our staff and facilitate accurate and timely shipping with our orders to customers. Inside this one facility, we have administrative offices and accounting as well as sales. Attached to these offices is our warehouse with the shipping and receiving departments. All departments working together in perfect synergy to provide you, our customer, with your order.

We realize it takes more than good service to be your number one cycling source. You need in-stock inventory and lots of it. We stock over 5,000 products, so when it comes to the widest selection of name brand products and selection - nobody does it better. We carry thousands of items from high performance frames and components from reliable manufacturers who set the standard, and drive industry innovation. Equally important, we have hard-to-find small parts as well as the finest selection of technical cycling clothing for all seasons. On our website and in our catalog you can peruse around a many different brands of frames, an extensive wheel and component selection and all the accessories you could imagine.

Retail Showroom

Our Showroom is attached to our large warehouse so it has access to all the items we sell online and in our print catalog. Many of the clothes, shoes, helmets and accessories we sell are on display to try on for fit and comfort. The upper perimeter walls are filled with the latest top shelf wheels from Zipp, Campagnolo, Mavic, Shimano and Enve. Just below the wheels, we have some of our best framesets on display from Cervelo, Ridley, Focus, Litespeed and Look. The display cases are chock full of all the latest and high-end components from all the top manufacturers. If you would like to look at something and we do not have it on display, we'll pull it from our warehouse inventory for you. It is no wonder we are one of Boulder's largest bikes shops in terms of sales volume.

Beyond just product, our showroom has a friendly and knowledgeable staff with in depth product knowledge. We also specialize in custom bike and pedal/cleat fitting using the latest methods and procedures with a state-of-the-art fitting bike and proper alignment tools and a dedicated fit-room. If your ever visiting Boulder, we'd enjoy meeting you, so please stop in and check us out.


Our buyers and product managers have decades of combined experience in the cycling industry. We know how important it is to have high-quality and dependable gear. Careful and thoughtful selection of the best products from a variety of manufacturers is our goal. The selection process is done through communication with our sales staff, customers, sales reps and distributors. The biggest filter of product selection is simple: We will only sell what we ride and are willing to use and purchase ourselves. The purchasing job can be difficult at times. It is not just about buying. Researching and finding products is the first step. Finding these products from reliable distributors is the next task. Actually keeping these products in stock to fill your orders is another duty. It takes more than a buyer, but a purchasing team. That being said, our team works hard at giving you the industries best selection while maintaining a high fill rate to help keep you on the road and trail.

Their are many reasons we feel lucky to be based in cycling-crazed Boulder. The biggest one being the same reason we live here: the cycling and cycling community. These two things also allow us to draw from the best possible employee pool due to this common love for the bicycle. Not only are we immersed in product here at Excel, but we are all subject to Boulder's cycling culture. Our staff is highly evolved in the cycling community and all that it entails. We can make recommendations from real world experiences with the products, as well as draw off of interactions with the thousands of resident cyclists that use these products on a daily basis. Our sales recommendations and help are based on these experiences, not by the pulp or unfounded reviews we have read in trade publications, magazines or on the web.

We believe that customer service encompasses every aspect of the sale process. Our goal is building relationships, not just making a sale. We believe that solid customer service continues long after the product is in your hands. Like our sales staff, our customer service staff all ride and know the product intimately, this helps guarantee expert service to our customers and a commitment to continual product education that can't be matched. If you have any concerns with an order, Excel Sports employs a full time, in-house customer service staff to help you with any problems or warranty issues for the products you purchase from us.

Full Service Shop

Our talented staff of mechanics have tons of experience with every facet of bicycle repair with focus on the high-end components, bike assembly and wheel building. With more than 70 years of combined experience, including work for the U.S. National Team, the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and many local professional riders and teams.

One thing that separates us from many other shops is the sheer volume of high-end and exotic frames, components and wheels that make their way through our shop on a regular basis. Working with items like Zipp wheels, SRM Powermeters, upper-end Campagnolo groupsets, Shimano Di2 and similar products are not new experiences for our mechanics, but a daily occurrence. We really understand these high-end and expensive components. It is rare to find this type of experience. In a world of pre-built wheels, we still pride ourselves by constructing the finest hand built wheels.

To ensure you receive problem-free bicycles, wheels and components. All pre-built factory wheels and custom wheels, frames, forks and complete bicycles are hand built and inspected by an experienced pair of hands before leaving our warehouse. That means each product will be ready to use as soon as you open the box.

Advocacy & Community

Excel Sports is an active member in the national, regional and local cycling community and are proud to work with the following organizations to help define the challenges and opportunities facing the sport of cycling.

PeopleForBikes is the leading movement to improve bicycling in the U.S. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials, PeopleForBikes (formerly Bikes Belong) unites Americans to boost bicycling on a national level for results that can be seen locally.
We have heard PeopleForBikes president Tim Blumenthal's mantra many times and we agree: "When people ride bikes, great things happen." This simple statement summarizes all of the health, air quality, road congestion, business and money-saving benefits of riding bikes.

Bicycle Colorado works for better bicycling. Our non-profit organization is a statewide coalition of individuals, organizations and bicycling-related businesses who have joined forces to promote and encourage bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado.

Bicycle Colorado works for wider shoulders on highways and more off-street paths. We support bicycle education efforts and represent bicycling interests in the state legislature. We work with local groups and land managers to keep trails open for mountain bikers

The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance (then known as Boulder Offroad Alliance) was founded in the spring of 1991 by a small group of biking enthusiasts to provide a service organization and a voice for mountain bikers in Boulder County. At the end of 1991 there were 38 members and two organized trail projects. By the end of 2002, membership had grown to over 450 and they had sponsored 53 major trail projects involving more than 2,300 volunteers and contributing almost 10,000 hours of labor to Boulder trails. In 2011 their involvement in the community brought us the Valmont Bike Park, a one of a kind bike park located right here in Boulder.

DBC Events brings high quality racing to Colorado in pretty much every form - road races, criteriums, cyclocross and short track. We have been a long time supporter of them and do our best to help support their efforts in race production. We understand how hard and challenging race promotion can be. They require permits, dealing with local municipalities and residents - all with long hours with little or no pay. We respect the job they do and are behind them all the way. DBC Events is responsible for bringing the legendary Colorado classics like the Boulder-Roubaix, the Boulder Cup UCI cyclocross races and even CrossVegas to the world of cycling.

We contribute and help support Team Rwanda simply because it is a great cause. The Rwandan cyclists that form Team Rwanda are riding for their country and awareness of the Rwandan situation. This is the first ever national Rwandan cycling team and one of the first efforts to develop a professional sporting team on the African continent. Support from donations help Team Rwanda travel to races around the globe and help bring awareness to their cause.