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Halo 2 Headband

Made with Dryline Fabric which is a high performance material that quickly evaporates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable. Includes Halo's water-tight seal which keeps sweat out of your eyes. Non-slip surface keeps band in place. Great headband in a "one size fits all" design. Works great under helmets and hats.


  • Lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant which will not lose shape
  • Hand or machine washable
  • $12.95
    Item #: 815301


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     Charles Woske : 

    Have used Halo sweatbands for years with great success--even in the Hotter N'Hell Hundred 4 consecutive years. Well worth the price!

    Pros: works great!

    2/8/2011 6:16:55 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Nothing even comes close to keeping sweat out of my eyes on my training rides as well as my races. I’ve tried them all and this product works as advertised. Any other headband gets saturated and them the sweat drips through......this headband has a rubber seal that stops the sweat even when it gets to the saturation point. I have had mine for 1.5 years and use it year round here in SoCal. Its part of my gear now.

    8/10/2009 8:15:45 AM

     Anonymous : 

    I agree totally w/ the review of 7/7/08. First, I’m not one who sweats excessively. In a 23 mile time trial in 84 degree heat it performed no better, worse in fact, than a bandanna or the Pearl headband. (Worse b/c it was the first time I have gotten sweat in my eyes during a race.) I thought this might be b/c a TT helmet isn’t well ventilated but in 85 degree heat, and about 1,500 feet of climbing with a ventilated Giro lid it still did not perform any better than a bandanna. It works okay on flattish rides in 60 and 70 degree temps but, again, so does a bandanna. If you’re not racing I suppose you could stop and wring it out and it might work better. Alternatively, if you are a recreational rider moving along at 16 to 18 mph and spinning up hills it might work adequately.

    7/8/2009 9:56:44 AM

     Anonymous : 

    I just tried the Halo II for the first time today in the Florida heat. I’m going back to the shop to get a couple more of them.

    6/25/2009 10:03:57 AM

     Anonymous : 

    I was having a real problem with sweat and the Halo 2 solved it. Based on my experience over half a season it functions really well. My only complaints are minor. First, salt is very tough on elastic and it seems to be showing signs of deterioration, but it’s really too soon to tell. Second, the rubber insert that channels sweat to the side leaves a nice dent in your forehead. Bottom line: it works well.

    7/7/2008 9:04:03 PM

     Anonymous : 

    The Halo2 headband did not perform as well as expected. It absorbed plenty of sweat, enough so that when I leaned forward, it might as well been raining. I especially noticed this on those long, hot climbs where there just isn’t much wind to evaporate the sweat. Compared to a regular bandana or a bandana by HeadSweats, the Halo2 just doesn’t compete (personally, I don’t find the HeadSweats brand any better than an ordinary bandana, but given the price of the RudyProject bandana, the HeadSweats is a no-brainer). The Halo2 seemed to work well for some people, but I certainly would not recommend it, especially if you are doing climbs in hot, humid weather. If you’re on flat roads with little humidity and easily averaging a 20+ pace, that might be a different situation.

    7/15/2007 7:05:31 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I’ve gone through 4 of the Pearl Izumi and decided to try the Halo 2. The Pearl’s are thinner, work fine in light sweat conditions and are pretty thin and fit very well under the helmet. The Halo is a touch thicker, but fits under the helmet very wel also. They blow the Pearl’s away in performance though. I live inf florida, out riding in 95 degree + heat and sweat like a pig. I think maybe one small drop squeeked by on a 3hr ride, may have been rain, can’t be sure. Hopefully these woln’t streeach out like the Pearl’s have a tendency to do over time. BTW, a medium helmet fits my head pretty tight for sizing purposes.

    1/3/2007 2:17:32 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Look I’m telling all of you that read this. This is the BEST product if you sweat. This is one product that actually works as described. I wish I would have known about this years ago. I’d give it a 10 if I could.

    7/30/2006 3:24:04 PM

     Anonymous : 

    This headband is great! It is super thin so it can fit under even the snuggest helmets. The fabric absorbs sweat really well but what it can’t handle is channeled away by this rubber like bead glued on the inside that runs the length of the forehead. I live in Florida and things get really sweaty and although not perfect the best I have tried so far. Sometimes a quick look down or adjustment of the helmet will release too much sweat for the band to handle but you quickly learn not to expect the impossible.