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Garmin ANT Plus Adapter for iPhone

This adapter (or dongle) basically enables your iPhone to accept an ANT+ signal. The result is you can use your Garmin ANT+ accessories such as the heart rate strap, speed/cadence sensor or running footpod with the Garmin Fit iPhone app. The Garmin Fit app turns your iPhone into a powerful training tool. The app (downloaded separately at a nominal charge) provides current speed, distance traveled, route traveled and calories burned. You can review your stats at a glance or later thanks to automatic uploading at Garmin Connect.


  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
  • Garmin part number 010-11786-00

Please note ANT+ adapter is not compatible with the Wahoo Fitness dongle or applications that support the Wahoo Fitness dongle

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