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Mountain    Tires - 26 inch

Maxxis Aspen eXCeption Tire

The Maxxis Aspen pushes the limits of a lightweight XC tire designed to have minimal rolling resistance. The Aspen is designed with a high-volume casing to smooth out the roughest roots and rocks, while the dual compounds gives optimal traction in the corners. The tread in the center of the tire is minimal and can almost be considered a semi-slick tire design.

One thing the designers were clever enough to give the Aspen was consistent square side blocks to give the tire good cornering ability - a real problem with some lightweight XC tire designs. In essence, you the best of both worlds here. Low profile center tread for fast rolling and block knobs on the side for stable cornering. Super sticky 62a durameter rubber maintains excellent grip whether you are heading straight or have the tire rolled over while maneuvering.


  • Fast rolling tread design
  • Durable and lightweight 120 TPI casing
  • 62a eXCeption series racing rubber compound
  • Block-style side knobs for aggressive cornering
  • 490 grams
  • $42.88
    Reg Price $59.00
    Item #: 753050 Weight: 465g