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Minoura BikeTower 10 Storage Stand

The Minoura BikeTower is a popular bike storage rack and a real space saver if you're looking for a baseless pole-mounted system that has horizontal bike mounts. There is a clamp in the center of the shaft that releases the two-part vertical shaft so it can telescope up and down to wedge in-between your floor and ceiling. Two spring loaded rubber cups at the ends of the shaft make the rack grip like glue when assembled and prevent it from moving once installed. The execution of the BikeTower is flawless and requires no tool for assembly.

The bike mounts that hold the wheels are independently adjustable. They can be positioned vertically (up and down) anywhere on the center pole. The hooks on these arms feature soft rubber pads so they will cause no harm or damage to your valuable frame.


  • Adjustable height from 5.2-10.2 feet
  • Holds two complete bikes horizontally
  • Stout materials and construction
  • Independent height adjustment of bike mount
  • Made in Japan
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