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XLAB Delta Wing 200

Standard frame mounted bottles have high aerodynamic drag. The Delta Wing 200 mounts to your saddle rails tucked behind your saddle for virtually no aerodynamic drag. The Delta Wing provides the perfect spot to carry a spare bottle for refilling a front drink system or to swap with an empty bottle in a Torpedo mount. This system is also idea for carrying an extra bottle for long training rides or centuries.

The included Gorilla cage is funnel shaped for easy bottle insertion yes has a high 14 pound gripping force to prevent unwanted bottle ejection. The mounting hardware features loctite and locknuts so the mount will stay securely mounted even with a lot of road vibration. The Delta Wing 200 includes one full mount with a Xlab Gorilla carbon water bottle cage.


  • Very aerodynamic bottle location
  • Stable design with sturdy mounting
  • Special high gripping cage
  • Quality hardware with loctite and locknuts
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Item #: 408338
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