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3T Dorico Team Seatpost

The 3T Dorico Team carbon seat post is a classic setback seatpost, engineered for lightweight with a carbon fiber shaft and titanium hardware. The shock-absorbent carbon-fiber shaft is bonded into the alloy head, setting the saddle rail supports 25 mm back of the post's centerline. Twin alloy yokes are captured by recessed bolts that make it easy to set a precise saddle angle and position.


  • 227 grams
  • 25mm set back
  • Shock-absorbent carbon-fiber
  • Two-bolt clamp for adjustability
  • $109.88
    Reg Price $139.95
    Item #: 249611 Weight: 227g
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     Anonymous : 

    Does what a seatpost should do. I have used one for two years now and have never adjusted the seatpost. Fizik or San Marco Era saddles. Ride plenty of dirt/gravel roads on the road bike and I'm over 200lbs. The other reviewers that have theirs loosening must have either a defective post or maybe missing a washer or something.

    Pros: Comfortable, stays tight, relatively lightweight

    Cons: Cost?


     Anonymous : 

    Nice looking post, but it has some problems. The clamp mechanism really only allows tightening of the front bolt. The rear bolt never really tightens, it just adjusts angle. as a result, unless you loctite the rear bolt and tighten the front one very tight it does not hold its angle. It is also much heavier than advertized: about 240 grams. I don't see how 3T can publish estimates that are so far off. I used this post for about a year and made it work OK, so it is not terrible, but the adjustment mechanism is finicky.

    Pros: nice looks

    Cons: difficult to adjust, much heavier than advertized


     Anonymous : 

    This post came stock on my Cervelo R5 - it continually works loose and is a pain in the butt to adjust to desired saddle tilt. I've ended numerous rides with a loose saddle. Front clamp stays tight, rear comes loose after about 200 miles. It's getting worse with age. The Ritchey Pro Carbon, at a little over half the price, is a far better option.

    Pros: light weight and stylish

    Cons: Clamping mechanism more than outweighs any pros.


     Anonymous : 

    I've had great luck with this seatpost for the last two years on my Colnago. I use the seatpost with an Arione CX saddle. So far, so good, and this includes training rides on bumpy roads.

    Pros: Lightweight carbon with good setback

    Cons: Makes a cracking/creaking sound over rough bumps


     Anonymous : 

    Clamping mechanism does not work. Plain and simple. No need to spend $$$ to find out for yourself. I bought this because I want the fine-tuned angle adjustment that the 2-bolt system should provide. Unfortunately, no amount of tweaking