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Garmin External Power Pack

The Garmin External Battery Pack by powermonkey-eXplorer is a battery pack and portable charger for 5V devices and compatible with Garmin's entire outdoor range of navigation devices. The robust, water resistant, lightweight, compact battery pack fits easily on a bike with the included mount. It will add 20 hours of extra ride time on the Edge 800 for example and is perfect for adventure racers, 24-hour races or anyone on an extended trip without easy charging access.

The external battery pack can be charged via the included USB charger, plug in wall mount and ultra slick solar charger that will keep your Garmin going on extended camping trips. Three included adapters for the plug in wall mount charger allow charging where ever you travel around the globe.

Includes: Battery, mount, strap, USB charger, wall charger with global adapters, solar charger and adapters.


  • Adds 20 hours to your Garmin device
  • Charges via USB, Solar or wall plug
  • Battery fits on bike with the included mount and strap
  • Garmin sku # 010-10644-02
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