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Vredestein Fortezza TriComp Tire

Designed for the serious competitor or discerning enthusiast, this World-Class tire combines all of the innovations developed by Vrediestein to make one of the best clinchers on the market. Vredestien's exclusive double-overlapping casing gives a supple ride with excellent cornering feel, without feeling harsh at the recommended 145 psi.

At first glance the TriComp tread looks very similar to the Vittoria CX line of tires. The center strip has a tiny dot-matrix pattern made from high density compound while the side tread is a fine file tread pattern made from softer, lower durameter compounds. They grip like glue, but also roll with little to no resistance. The tread is applied to a 120tpi poly/cotton casing which is both supple and durable. The casing and tread combination is what give the TriComp the tubular-like feel on the road.

Under the tread is a Sportex Protection Layer. This helps prevents punctures by protecting the casing and is soft and flexible enough not to impede tire performance. Vrediestein's Curve Control System (CCS) improves the strength of the 'shoulders' of the tire which elevate the grip and resilience while cornering.

The TriComp is one of the best racing tires we sell. In short, it grips well, but rolls fast. It is handmade so you get consistent high quality with no deviation from one batch of tires to another. Plenty of colors to choose from or you can select all black.


  • Seamless, diagonally-wound, 2-ply casing
  • SPL Sportex Protection Layer
  • Curve Control System minimizes tire distortion
  • Proprietary Silica energy compound
  • Wear indicator
  • 225 grams
Reg Price $69.95
Item #: 724010