Phil Wood Grease

This classic green tube of grease can be found in almost all reputable shops and home mechanics shops around the globe. This semi-think, viscous grease is great for almost all applications and known for its's staying power under extreme conditions.


  • Staple for any work or home shop
  • Water repellent
  • 3oz tube
  • Made in USA
  • $8.95


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    Posted on 11/16/2012

    An absolutely superior lubricant in all manner realizing its greatest performance for all bearing application, can be used elsewhere as a light bodied grease. Exceptionally durable and protective.

    Possibly too viscous for all procedures, great for static applications - ed

    Pros Superior across all ranges.

    Cons None whatsoever.


    Posted on 9/29/2011 11:24:44 AM

    Good grease that stays in place for a long time. If you are going to use it buy the Phil Wood hand cleaner as well otherwise your hands will smell like the grease for about 24 hours after you use it.