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Speedplay Light Action Chromoly Pedals

The Light Action Chromoly Pedal is one of our best sellers in the Light Action design. It is no wonder due to the pure value. The price and quality make this pedal a perfect choice for the first time pedal user or someone who wants the Light Action design and is on a budget. One pair of cleats and mounting hardware included.

The Light Action design pedal is a hybrid design that borrows engineering and design points from both the Zero and X series pedals. They are specifically designed to be a user friendly pedal aimed at the serious enthusiast seeking the easiest entry and easiest release of any pedal system. It also is a superb choice for the first time clipless pedal user. The "Self-Locating" cleat design in the Light Action pedal is automatically guided into the recessed cleat-cavity during engagement making both entry and exit a snap. Although the entry and exit is simple and easy to use, it also offers plenty of security and a sure-footed feel while engaged.


  • 210 grams per pair
  • Simple cleat mounting and adjustment makes set-up easy
  • Built-in grease-port for fast and easy bearing maintenance
  • 15 degrees of non-centering free-float reduces stress
  • Precision cartridge and needle bearings
  • Large, stable cleat platform for optimal power transmission
  • Self-locating cleat guides the entry motion
  • Thin pedal body provides excellent cornering clearance
  • Engagement mechanism prevents inadvertent release
  • Easy dual-sided pedal entry

    Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

  • $115.00


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    Posted on 12/20/2008 11:32:45 PM

    Awesome pedals. The clipping action is super light- especially compared to the Zero pedals. The amount of effort required to operate the Zero is exponentially greater and was wreaking havoc on my knees. One thing I do miss from the Zero is the float adjustment feature. The Light Action cleat has preset float and release angles. Other than that, these pedals are awesome. I’ve used them on the track (which is where I missed the float/release adjustment most), the road, in traffic, whatever... and they’ve performed flawlessly. Highly recommended.


    Posted on 7/29/2007 12:13:01 AM

    Awesome pedals. I am a first timer and these are by far the easiest pedals to clip in and out of. The latter being my only issue. I find that at random times I will have inadvertently managed to "unclip" myself. This usually happens when I am transitioning from downhill to an uphill portion of the ride and I change my body position. The redeeming factor therefore, is the fact that it is super easy to get back in without missing a beat. These are definitely a great buy for anyone who is looking for a bike pedal for the "lowest common denominator." Enjoy.


    Posted on 4/24/2007 10:21:26 AM

    You might click out of these when you’re not expecting to, seeing as though they’re *very* light action... but I can definitely see why so many women love these pedals; you don’t have to twist the hell out of your knees to get out of them. They take some getting used to, of course. But now that I am, I’m definitely liking that I don’t ever have to look down to make sure I’m in line to click in properly. A lot less stressful in heavy traffic/stop-and-go situations. Me likey.