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Mountain    Handlebar Grips

ODI Lock-On Grips

ODI is a staple in the MTB world. The locking jaws innovated by ODI have been copied and copied, but no one has made a better grip. The simplicity of tightening an allen bolt has eliminated the need for hair spray, air compressors and many other tricks to try to get a grip to stay put. Throttle Grip is instantly eliminated.

ODI grips are trusted by many top riders. The Ruffian provides a slightly narrower grip wit knurled surface for maximum traction and the Rogue provides a slightly beefier grip that provide extra shock absorption. The metal Lock Jaw clamps not only hold your grip in place but also protect your bar while you are riding.


  • 100% slip free performance
  • Includes snap cap end plugs
  • Easy to install
  • Choose from Rogue or Ruffian
  • Shimano (130mm) and SRAM (90mm) grips available

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Item #: 379102