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Saltstick Mini Dispenser

The Saltstick Mini Dispenser is design to fit inside road handlebars. It is the shorter cousin to the regular Saltstick Dispenser that holds and dispenses electrolyte capsules. It was developed by and for professional triathletes looking for a way to hold electrolyte capsules in a way that protects the capsules from water and also be fast and easy to access. Just turn the knob with one hand and out pops a capsule. Ideally, use with Saltstick capsules (sold separately), but it fits all capsules currently on the market.

The dispenser installs internally on most road bars and mountain bars. The unique Grip mount also allows mounting in virtually any location on your bike and on hydration or race belts. The Mini Dispenser holds 3 capsules while the regular Saltstick dispenser holds 6 capsules.


  • Unique patented design
  • Used by top Professional triathletes
  • Holds 3 size O or OO capsules
  • Complies with USA Triathlon regulations
  • Water-resistant nozzle keeps capsules dry
  • Prevents capsule damage from bouncing
  • Fits all capsules currently on the market
  • Lightweight (Only 17g or 1/2 oz.) food-grade plastic
  • Hides discreetly inside most bicycle handlebars
  • Includes Grip block and strap for bikes and running belts
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