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Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Soft Strap

This heart rate monitor has a soft fabric strap and is more comfortable than ever before. Plus, it's optimized for use in congested areas like gym classes and starting lines. It wirelessly sends heart rate information to a many different Garmin and ANT+ units. It works in a crowded environment of up to 80 ANT+ monitors within a radius of 30 feet.


  • Comfortable soft strap
  • Wirelessly sends heart rate information
  • Compatible with many Garmin and ANT+ monitors
  • User replaceable 2032 battery
  • Garmin part number 010-10997-02
  • $69.95
    Item #: 429546
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    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    I ordered one despite the poor reviews. Big mistake. I have two Garmin 500 modules, and neither one will link with the HR strap. My old (plastic) Garmin strap is beginning to fail, but the new one is total garbage! Does anyone have an old model strap for sale?

    Pros: Excel will let me return it.

    Cons: Garmin produced this product.


     Anonymous : 

    I have owned mine for 1yr and 2 months. Worked great, accurate, and very comfortable. However, problem developed while reading HR, would spike 220-235 (coasting down hill). Changed battery (need a very tiny screwdriver, wow) and ended up with same results. pared my unit w/girlfriends older strap (305 version) and seems to work fine. So, $60-$70 for one yrs use (less for some...) seems a bit questionable if i replace with exact strap.

    Pros: comfort

    Cons: durability


     Anonymous : 

    I have owned mine for over two years and never had a problem. Very pleased with it.

    Pros: Comfortable


     Anonymous : 

    Wow. Shocked to read these reviews, as mine too worked for exactly 6 months and then stopped. I replaced the battery, but still does not work. Piece of junk...


     Anonymous : 

    Same here... Works for 6 months then stops.

    Pros: comfort

    Cons: longevity


     Jose m Martinez : 

    I am very disappointed with the performance of this strap. It work fine for the first six months. Now the faster I go the lower the heart rate go and all of the sudden stops reading...

    11/16/2010 11:07:28 AM

     Anonymous : 

    The soft strap causes static spikes and as a result inaccurate HR readings. Old version that came with my 305 works better.