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TRP R979 EQ Brake Calipers Black

Sure, most stock Shimano brake calipers work great and are light years better than brakes made a couple decades ago, but not everyone is satisfied with stock. For those wanting more exotic, lighter, and something with more sex appeal, TRP created the R979 EQ. The R979 EQ offers the same race proven performance as the R970EQ, yet they are fully optimized for Shimano 7900 Dura-Ace and 6700 Ultegra series levers thanks to longer caliper arms and increased leverage ratio.

TRP's focus has always been to create the lightest brakes possible while maximizing stopping power. The R979 EQ takes brake design to a whole new level to do just that. Forged CNC machined magnesium arms rotating on dual pivots for increased leverage. Feathery titanium hardware provides the combo of high strength and low weight.

You can fine tune the pad to rim distance with both a barrel adjuster and a cam style quick release features which distinct clicks. Mechanic-pleasing Inplace pad holders are the perfect chassis for the grippy TRP brake pads. These feathery light brakes come with two sets of brake pads for carbon or aluminum rims so you can ride, train and race with confidence.


  • Optimized for Shimano 7900 and 6700 calipers
  • Ultra-light dual pivot caliper brake
  • Forged, CNC machined magnesium arms
  • Inplace Road CNC adjustable angle cartridge pad holders
  • TRP Carbon and Aluminum compound pads included
  • Titanium hardware
  • Cam and Patented Sliding quick release
  • Weight: 130 grams per caliper
  • Maximum Rim Width: 30mm
Reg Price $599.99
Item #: 203525
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