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Mountain    Tires - 26 inch

Continental Race King ProTection Tire

The Continental Race King tires are big on volume and low on tread. What it lacks in the tread department, it makes up for in diameter size. This combo makes it a speedy tire that floats well and works in many conditions. Originally billed as a race tire by Continental, but most riders here would consider it an all-arounder.

Wide spaced knobs have square edges with a low height to produce a fast rolling tire that actually grips the ground. The halved diamondshape running down the center will create a stable center ridge when the tire gets up to speed. Staggered side tread both grips and sheds dirt and debris when the tire is rolled over. The 240 tpi casing is shielded from damage with Conti's Protection layer. This layer of material adds mucho protection without effecting ride quality. The magical Black Chili compound has carbon filler in the mix and offers unmatched grip and long wear times. The math looks like this: longest wear + sticky grip + lowest rolling resistance = Black Chili. Hand made in Germany.


  • Black Chili compound
  • Race King tread pattern
  • 240 tpi casing
  • 648 grams
  • Made in Germany
Reg Price $64.95
Item #: 750055