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Lezyne Road Drive Pump

The Lezyne Road Drive is a high pressure pump designed for your road bike. The Road Drive's build is a complete CNC construction. That means the barrel, piston, handle, end caps and even the frame mount's constitution are all beautifully polished CNC aluminum. Simply fantastic. It is a tad smaller in diameter than the Pressure Drive, so if you prefer more pumps per air volume in trade for a lower profile pump on your bike frame, this is a great choice.

The Road Drive is available in black or silver (both polished) and comes equipped with an ABS (Anti Bleed System) Speed Flex Hose, which is a Presta Only inflation system. One end of the hose is a threaded Presta valve connection with ABS, while the other side has Lezyne's Slip Fit system for fast valve engagement. Basically, you get the best of both Presta style heads.


  • Complete CNC construction
  • Dual Presta ABS hose
  • Super tight tolerance
  • Top quality construction
  • 160psi max
  • Choose from black or silver
  • 7" or 180mm
  • 82 grams
Reg Price $44.99
Item #: 462510