Nokon Shift or Brake Cable Casing Set

Nokon Shift or Brake Cable Casing Set

Nokon offers this cableset that includes 2 derailleur cables and 2 brake cables but only enough housing to set up one or the other. You will need to purchase extra external housing or two kits for a full cableset replacement.

The essence of their design is to minimize and even eradicate cable housing compression for the absolute best shifting or braking - which it achieves. This is done through alloy cable housing that is very cleverly ball-jointed. Inside the Ball-jointed alloy housing lies a Teflon liner which the cable slides back and forth in. The Teflon does a great job in keeping dirt out and most importantly reduces friction. Weight savings is approximately 40% lower than standard cable/housing sets and service life is doubled.


  • Shimano-SRAM compatible
  • Includes 2 shift cables and 2 brake cables
  • Brake and Shifting inner lining included
  • 55.1" housing included
  • Rust/corrosion proof
  • Tour de France proven
  • Made in Germany
  • $79.88
    Reg Price $104.95


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