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King Cage Titanium Bottle Cage

Quite possibly the best bottle cage ever made. 3/2.5 tubular titanium with welded brackets makes a simple and bomb-proof design. Best of all, it's hand-made right here in Colorado!


  • 28 grams
  • 3/2.5 Titanium tubing
  • Made in Colorado
  • Doesn't mark up bottles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • $55.00
    Reg Price $59.95
    Item #: 403000
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    Average Rating:


     Anonymous : 

    Strong, light, and beautifully made. A must have for your ultimate Ti bike!

    Pros: All

    Cons: None


     Anonymous : 

    If you ride mountain bikes and sick of ejecting bottles, then these are the cages for you. I tried several different cages over time and finally purchased these after my friend said he has never lost a bottle. Two thumbs up from me!

    Pros: Hold bottle no matter what, light and look good.

    Cons: None


     Anonymous : 

    Sometimes there just isn't a better moustrap. I have also had two of these for over ten years. Never had a bottle ejected, never any trouble getting bottles in or out. Not the lightest on the market but they do the job they were designed to do, and do it faultlessly. If you travel with your bike there are no worries about broken cages. Use these with Camelbak Podium bottles and you'll have no worries, just fill the bottles and ride. Says what it does on the tin, does what it says on the tin.

    Pros: Works perfectly.

    Cons: Weight, if you worry about a couple of grams.


     Anonymous : 

    I purchased 2 of these for my Tommaso Columbus Genius tubed road bike years ago immediately after they started production. I have had no problems. They look like new after lots of miles. No problems. They hold the bottles tightly. Don't use titanium screws in a steel frame or you may get some galvanic corrosion and have a miserable time getting the screws out.

    Cons: Nond

    10/7/2011 8:33:37 PM

     Anonymous : 

    My Ti King cages have been going strong for over 10 years and look as good as new. Firm bottle hold and easy to clean.

    8/19/2011 10:02:02 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Awesome - I have a bunch of fancy schmancy carbon cages that looked great initially. Before long, they lose their finish on the inside, scarf up all your bottles and sit there looking shabby on your otherwise gorgeous ride. This cage looks a little old school, but it will look as good 10 years from now as it doses the day you buy it. AND . . . it doesn’t scarf up all your bottles, so they stay looking nice as well. Super light, super strong - my bottles (podium chill) never eject - easy enough to get them in and out while riding.