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Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt 0 Offset Seatpost


The Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt 0 Offset Seatpost is a solid design for an alloy seatpost. It uses Ritchey's ingeniuos 1-Bolt clamp design and has 0mm of offset - the clamp and saddle rest directly over the seatpost shaft.

The shaft and head of the saddle are 3D forged from one piece of 3D net forged 7075 heat treated alloy. The seatpost clamp is forged and black anodized 7075 alloy. The clamp is wide to fit the cradle and has a low profile clamp that reduces stress on the rails and won't bottom out on your saddle. the 1-Bolt clamp assembly allows you to adjust both angle and fore aft adjustment with one bolt at the same time. The bolt is located on the side of the seatpost for easy access. Adjusting your seatpost has never been easier. The assembly is also much lighter than standard clamp design

The seatpost shaft is ball-burnished and anodized black. The clamp is anodized silver to cosmetically offset it from the seatpost shaft and cradle. Vertical Ritchey WCS graphics adorn each side of the post. Small TR logo in front with a small stripe add a little more touch to the graphical component of the seatpost.


  • 3D net forged 7075 alloy
  • Forged and black anodized clamp
  • 1-Bolt clamp design
  • Vertical WCS graphics
  • 0mm setback
  • 195 grams
  • $71.96
    Reg Price $89.95
    Item #: 244180 Weight: 195g