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Speedplay X-2 Stainless Steel Pedals 59mm Axle

This X-2 Stainless Steel set of pedal is fitted with Speedplay's 59mm axle (also known as the 1/4" longer spindle) for riders who benefit from a wider stance. Many riders and bike fitters are finding some riders can create more power and/or be more injury free with a wider stance.

Same pedal as the top of the line X-1 except with stainless steel spindles. The use of stainless steel spindles in the X-2 provides a good balance of strength and low-weight and proves to be a better value as well - no doubt why they are our best-selling X series pedal. Includes the same high quality bearing as the X-1 and carries no rider weight limit. One pair of pedals includes cleats and mounting hardware for 3 and 4 hole shoes.

Since the release of the incredibly innovative X series pedal in the early nineties, Speedplay has amassed a huge following of cyclists. Absolute free-floating design with no centering device offers the ability for your foot to float and rotate to your natural bio mechanical position while pedaling. Dual-sided entry makes getting clipped in to the pedal a snap. The other innovative design feature is the retention mechanism resides in the cleat, so there are no moving parts on the pedal to worry about.


  • Easy dual-sided entry
  • 198 grams pair
  • X series cleats are 62 grams/pair
  • Non-centering free float minimizes knee strain
  • 37 degrees of cornering clearance
  • Compatible with all modern 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings
  • Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication
  • Engagement security is independent of spring tension
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