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Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel Pedals

The use of the stainless steel axle for weight savings, durability and value combined with the brilliant Zero pedal design make this one of our most popular offerings from Speedplay. The choice of many, many riders and staff alike, they offer a simple and proven design that is durable and reliable. Great choice for any enthusiast or racer.

The Speedplay Zero Pedal System introduces a unique concept in pedal design that allows you to choose either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of float using the same cleat. Zero pedals maintain the traditional feel of a fixed system while incorporating all the well-known advantages of Speedplay X Pedal Systems. Dual-sided Zero pedals offer light weight, easy engagement and disengagement.

A low 11.5mm stack height provides superior cornering clearance. And stack height is only 8.5mm if you get a 4-hole Speedplay specific shoe plus Speedplay pedals have a very aerodynamically low profile making them a Pro Tour favorite. The engagement mechanism does not rely on spring tension for retention, so you don't have to crank down a tension adjuster just to prevent inadvertent release. Best of all, the float is easily adjusted with a screwdriver from zero to 15 degrees and the inward and outward float is independently adjustable for a custom-tuned feel. Several colors to choose from.


  • 206 grams pedal weight
  • 105 gram Zero cleat weight
  • Dual-sided for easy, no-look engagement
  • Unbeatable 37 degree cornering clearance
  • Standard step-in, turn-out entry and release
  • Available in several colors to match any color scheme
  • Built-in grease gun port for easy bearing lubrication
  • Large contact area, extremely stable cleat-to-shoe connection
  • Compatible with virtually all 3-hole and 4-hole shoe mountings
  • 11.5 mm stack height for optimal power transfer (8.5mm on a 4-hole mount)
  • Engagement security is independent of spring tension
  • Fixed or limited float that can be set from 0-15 degrees
  • Low, aero profile

Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States



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Average Rating:


Posted on 7/3/2013

I've ridden Zero's for 15 years and have enjoyed nothing but flawless, uncompromising performance. Easy to "snap in" and, believe me, when you need to pull out it's as simple as pushing your heel outward. Excellent float adjustment and practically maintenance free, with both sides of the pedal just the same, it's a no-look non-event to lock in and fly. As for product support, I just got off the phone today with an outstanding tech rep who spent half an hour with me analyzing photo's I'd sent of my pedals and shoes, and helped me choose the proper speedplay pedal with a longer pedal spindle (I had no idea there was such a thing) and advised me on how to best position the speedplay cleat on my shoe; slight adjustments quite likely to improve my pedal stroke. The point is: Speedplay is all about customer satisfaction. I consider Speedplay pedals a very good investment; a very good value.

Pros Ease of use; durable; maintenance free; reliable

Cons none what so ever...


Posted on 1/23/2013

Been using Speedplay pedals for 20 years. Used Look pedals before that. Was having ankle, knee and hip pain so I gave SP's a try. Some years back I tried Shimano DA's but starting getting knee pain so I went back to SP. Have them on three road bikes and tandem. I use Zero's and my Wife uses the X-2's. No squeaking, no problem with float adjustment. Love the fact that I don't have to look down to clip in. Easy on the limbs. No front to back clip in motion. Just step down and you're in. I think the negative reviewers must work for competitors. Just doesn't make sense.

Have used Lake Speedplay specific shoes. Liked the feel of them but the lacing system sucked and the sole was had too much flex. Went back to three hole shoes (Specialized S-Works) which has a stiffer sole. The plate actually contributes to the stiffness which helps to prevent the sole from flexing.

Pros Free float, easy clip-in, durability.

Cons None really, lighter clips perhaps.


Posted on 7/2/2012

These pedals squeak. Loudly! the more humid the weather, the worse they get. I have them on two different 6-8K$ bikes, ride over 5k miles a year, and I have decided to trash them both this year because I sound like a cheap un-oiled bike. Sure, I tried graphite, grease, both together, and nothing works. This is a common problem with speed plays. It's a flaw that one needs to be aware of before purchasing.

Pros Good float adjustment, duel clip in surfaces

Cons Squeak, and nothing helps including calling


Posted on 6/15/2012

Great pedals, great company, just could not be happier with the Speedplay zero. Float is so easy to setup, maintanance is very easy. Just great pedals! Over 5k miles and zero issues.

Pros Light, easy setup, great looks, easy to maintain

Cons None


Posted on 7/25/2011 8:22:24 AM

I Love my Speedplay zero Stainless steel pedal and my light action pedal cleat systemI find that the user,needs to clean the pedals with a clean paint brush to dislodge anything from the pedal and cleat. I change cleats after 2 to 3 years. The pedals are well built,with strong,good quality material. the Cleats could use stronger metal for better wear protection. The best pedal system,high performance.....EXCELLENT.


Posted on 4/15/2011 6:42:15 PM

I have done 22,000 miles with my Titanium Speedplays. I have greased them once a year and changed the cleats at 15,000 miles. I have never used anything else and have them on my other bike as well. Weight 159 lbs.


Posted on 10/2/2008 6:45:43 PM

No idea why anyone would ride another pedal. Lightest weight (next to the Ti version but still lighter than any other one sided pedal), Best cornering clearance, nothing wears out really except the cleats, and no flipping around the pedal to find what side to get in. I also love how your mechanically locked in as opposed to a spring holding you in. Just all around a great pedal. Even the X series are awesome if you don’t want the adjustable float.


Posted on 7/22/2008 9:23:56 PM

Excellent pedals. I have 4 bikes with 4 sets of zeros. Would never ride anything but.


Posted on 7/14/2008 3:16:31 PM

The float adjustment is unreliable, even after lock tite on the screws to keep them in place, every couple of rides, the float is all over the place. they are small, so they produce "hot spots" on your foot, since pressure is not distrubited to a larger surface area. cleats wear fast and are expensive. soft metal plus lots of plastic equals short life span. i have had mine for a year now and the plastic part of the pedal next to the spindle is cracking. you heard me cracking on both sides of the pedal. they spin fine with an ocasional "pop" souond, and has me worried. great pedal when new, but expect to relpace the whole unit after a year of use (keeping in mind i race and train on these averaging 400 miles a week). compare it to my shimanos, which i have had years and are flawless.


Posted on 1/17/2007 10:47:25 AM

Excellent pedal. No more worrying about which way is up (dual sided entry), which was a definite problem with my other set when I would take my eyes off the road to see why I wasn’t locking in. Easy in and easy out, dual sided, it doesn’t get any better than that.


Posted on 10/8/2006 7:32:31 AM

These pedal are excellent! They clip in and out extremely easily. The maintenance is minimal and if you get the coffee shop covers they protect and keep them clean. Oh, if you don’t drag your feet they’ll stay on...


Posted on 5/12/2006 10:15:53 AM

Great minimalist pedals. The pedals are easy to clip in to and release tension is moderate. You have to apply a dry lube to the pedals to prevent squeeking however. The cleat also has a lot of nooks and crannies for debris to settle in. So if you can get past the maintenance issue, they’re awesome.


Posted on 1/29/2006 8:24:45 PM

Not only the best pedals from a "easy-in; easy-out" perspective, but light and great looking. I rode the x1 pedals for years but lately i’ve needed some rotation restriction. the zero’s came out just in time. My only gripe is no cleat covers that stay on (the stuff out there comes off when you walk).


Posted on 11/9/2004 12:40:02 PM

Absolutely lovely pedals. I wish I had started with Speedplay. The Zeros are very much user friendly.