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Assos intermediateSocks S7


The Assos intermediateSock S7 is exactly that, an intermediate sock. Meaning, it's a three season sock that fits in the middle temperature range giving it the intermediate designation.

These socks are very thin for a colder weather sock, but still provide plenty of thermal value. This is achieved by using low compression which keeps the circulation flowing and compact construction, which means many micro threads per square inch. Meshed and woven in these micro threads are elastane cords which makes the sock fit like a second skin. There will be no bunching in your shoe to promote circulation and comfort. The fabrics have incredible wicking capacity to keep perspiration away from your feet. Taller cuff provides some added thermal value. The Mille style graphics round out the package. Choose from size and color.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Low compression/high thread count
  • Tall cuff
  • Thin and elastic
  • Perfect 3 season light sock
  • Choose color and size
Item #: 851071