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The 700c Discus 45|40 LTD Wheelset was developed to bring out the best of the Exploro and Strada framesets for the fastest wide tire-set-ups. By moving to a 40mm external width (29mm internal), 3T created a mid-section 45mm profile rim that due to it's shape and design is engineered to perform like a 60mm deep wheel. It's fastest configuration is more Strada oriented, with 35-40mm actual width tires. Versus the 45|30 LTD model, the 45/40 LTD has a hub upgrade as well, with a design from Italian company Carbon-Ti. For Exploro users thinking gravel race and speed, the Discus 45|40 LTD still boosts real aero performance- optimized for 35-40mm tires. The rim shape allows for the wheel to be incredibly stable in wind conditions on the road or off the beaten track, and keep tire shapes and the footprint more effective on the surface. You can take full advantage of 700c tubeless ready tires from 35-50mm and the lower pressures they afford, with the knowledge that 3T has engineered tubeless safety features into the rim as well.

To create the advantages of a shallower rim, like ease of handling in crosswinds, and the speed of a deeper rim 3T employs a unique NoseTail design. By definition rim design is a compromise, because it whatever shape is aerodynamic on the front half doesn’t work so well 180 degrees later when it’s backwards. The NoseTail shape developed by the legendary Dave Kennedy (an aerodynamics professional for over 50 years) and 3T’s Head of Design Gerard Vroomen actually sacrifices some performance on the front half of the wheel in favor of working better on the back half. Not only do the two effects cancel each other out, but the resulting shape also requires less rim depth and better guides the airflow from the rear of the front wheel onto the downtube. It also keeps the rim wider throughout the release of the airflow for a more consistent travel off the tire back to either the downtube, or off the back.

Structurally the rim is a tubeless hooked design, allowing it to be used with tubeless or clincher tires. While hookless designs have been pushed by many manufacturers, 3T believes the slight weight reduction of the design isn't worth the potential safety from better tire retention. This thought process carries into another rim bed feature- the Safety Ridge. This ridge sits in the upper rim bed and helps keep the tire bead between the hook/wall, and out of the center channel in case of too low a pressure, especially in case of flat tire. In many such cases a quickly deflated tire will actually pull off the rim as you slow to a stop, exposing the rim surface damage. This applies to road or gravel, and again, 3T feels the weight of such features is well worth it in safety value. While keeping weight reasonably low, the aerodynamic features are ultimately the most crucial, with safety, durability and others lined up behind. At approximately 1640 grams for the set, the Discus 45|40 LTD Wheelset may not be lightest, but remember it tests the fastest.

Mechanically speaking, the rims are laced to the stout yet lightweight Carbon-Ti X-hubset SP Disc (Center Lock), which are flanged for straight pull spokes. Lacing of the spokes to the rims is ideal, with the specific angle drilling into the rim for ideal alignment, delivering strength and the ability to hold proper tension. To that end the high-tension capable Sapim CX-Ray spokes are a perfect choice. Both wheels features 24 of these lightly bladed, double butted, stainless steel black spokes, laced 2x/2x front and rear. For best hold, durability, and truing Sapim chrome-plated external brass nipples lock everything down. The hubset itself is machined aluminum with light alloy spindles and rear freehub body, excellent contact seals, and an adjustable sealed bearing system. 3T provides a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed or SRAM XDR freehub body with the wheelset. This is a disc brake only wheelset, and the hub rotor interface is Center Lock design. Thru-axle set-up is for 12/100mm front, and 12/142mm rear.

The 3T Discus 45|40 LTD Wheelset is a unique option for road or gravel race use, built with high quality and developed for proven performance. The aesthetics are simple and stealthy- perfect for an aero carbon speed demon. For those considering an Exploro RaceMax frameset or narrower, faster Exploro set-up, there is a sibling wheelset- the 45|32 LTD is optimal with smaller tires. The 45|40 LTD is more versatile for road or gravel bike use, and plenty wide for most people, but the same principles apply to both wheelsets. Please keep in mind that when considering rim and tire width combinations that listed tire size rarely matches reality and when you use a wider rim, the shape and overall effect of the tire is generally larger than listed size. See 3T's explanation with the Exploro RaceMax of Radius as Measured (RAM), and Width as Measured (WAM) for full details.

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  • Widest, proven aero carbon mid-profile 700c wheelset optimal for speed, grip and control
  • Strong unidirectional carbon tubeless ready/clincher rims - ultralight layup
  • Rim spec: ETRTO 622 x 29c, (700c) 40mm ERW, 29mm IRW, 45mm depth
  • Specific angle drilling for ideal alignment-strength with hub flanges, straight pull spokes
  • Tubeless rim features clincher hook, augments tire retention; safety ridge inboard in channel limits risk of tire sliding into channel at low pressures or in case of a flat
  • Capable and fast with gravel tires from 35-50, as well as being optimized to be the fastest wheel with 35-40mm tires
  • Sapim CX-Ray Straight-pull, SS, black, double butted aero, 24 Front/24 Rear laced 2x all around
  • Sapim chrome-plated brass nipples- standard external type for simple true/tension work
  • Carbon-Ti brand Italian made hubs oversized light alloy hub bodies, spindles & freehub body, contact seals, adjustable bearings, black satin anodized
  • Hub axle configuration: 12x100mm front, 12/142mm rear
  • Disc interface: Center Lock
  • Rear freehub options: Shimano HG 11r, SRAM XDR 12
  • Finish: Matte UD carbon w/ muted logos
  • Bare wheel weight (claimed within +/- 5%): 1665 grams
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