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Accessories Fenders

This fender set was designed for the 3T Exploro RaceMax frameset and can work on builds with 1x drivetrains and both 650b and 700c wheels, but the tires must be a faster rolling model, with lower volume and non-aggressive tread. They offer great rain and mud protection but require 10-15mm of clearance above the tire and as tire/rim combinations will vary in actual size when tires are inflated, 3T does not give compatible maximum tire sizes. The fender design itself is an evolved model made by the experts at SKS and are specific to the Exploro RaceMax frameset, which has specific mounts in the fork crown and rear wheel cut-out. The lower fastening assembly is centered on an "axle" that slides inside the hollow Syntace thru-axles supplied with the frameset.

The system is very simple to set-up and can be removed in under 5 minutes by most people with the wheels off the bike. 3T does provide an excellent video on their website, as well as easily read graphics and instructions. All necessary hardware is supplied. One note on the single chainring requirement: the wide coverage fenders will not clear electronic front derailleurs. Some mechanical designs may fit, or if you want to void the warranty, a clever, patient person with a roto-tool and cutting wheel might be able create adequate space for any front derailleur. Again, this would void any warranty, but fender modification is a common practice.

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  • Frame-specific fender set for 3T's Exploro RaceMax
  • Plastic fenders with excellent coverage and innovative hardware made by SKS for 3T
  • Can be used with 650b or 700c tires, but at lower volume sizes and with little to no tread
  • Fenders requires 10-15mm of clearance from tire all-around
  • Failure to leave required clearance could result in fender/tire interaction, potentially causing a crash
  • Recommended for use only with 1x drievtrains
  • Not designed for use with front derailleurs with large bodies, like all electronic versions
  • Fenders mount to fork and rear wheel cut-out bosses, and use a pass-through mini thru-axle type design for the lower mount with the specific SKS hardware
  • Compatible with the hollow Syntace thru-axles supplied with the Exploro RaceMax frameset/bike
  • Excellent installation video on 3T's website
  • Color: Black
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