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The RaceMax frameset achieves this hybrid functionality thanks to its ability to accommodate a wide range of tire sizes. It can be set up with 35-46mm WAM tires for maximum speed on smoother surfaces or outfitted with tires up to 61mm WAM for superior traction and control on more challenging terrains. This adaptability makes it ideal for local rides or international adventures, with the ability to switch between two wheelsets effortlessly.

From its engineered rear wheel cutout that provides optimal mud clearance to the aerodynamically shaped downtube that trails closely behind the front tire, every aspect of the RaceMax is designed for efficiency. It features a super-narrow headtube housing a robust steerer, a multi-shape fork, and integrated aerodynamic enhancements from the seatstay to the seatpost, including a shielded water bottle and direct-attachment brake mounts. Importantly, the RaceMax is engineered for real-world conditions, prioritizing performance at realistic riding speeds and common wind conditions, rather than just theoretical wind tunnel scenarios.

The RaceMax excels with standard tire configurations but maintains about 90% of its aerodynamic efficiency even with the maximum tire width, ensuring it is fast and effective no matter the setup. Whether navigating smooth asphalt or tackling rough gravel, the 3T Strada Frameset stands as a pinnacle of modern bike design, tailored to deliver speed and adaptability in any environment.

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  • Merges aerodynamics of a road bike with the versatility of a gravel bike.
  • Optimized for speed across various terrains with adaptable tire setups.
  • Can be configured with 35-46mm WAM tires for pure speed or up to 61mm WAM tires for enhanced traction.
  • Designed to switch easily between two wheelsets, suitable for local or international use.
  • Features engineered aerodynamics including a rear wheel cutout for mud clearance and a streamlined downtube.
  • Incorporates a super-narrow headtube with a robust steerer, a multi-shape fork, and direct-attachment brake mounts.
  • Engineered for real-world conditions, focusing on realistic riding speeds and wind conditions.
  • Maintains 90% of its aerodynamic efficiency with tires up to 61mm WAM, ensuring top performance in all setups.
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Size XXS 51cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 61cm
Wheel Size 700c/650b 700c/650b 700c/650b 700c/650b 700c/650b 700c/650b
Stack 520mm 542mm 564mm 584mm 604mm 632mm
Reach 355mm 366mm 377mm 385mm 393mm 404mm
Head Angle 69° 69.5° 71° 72° 72° 72°
Seat Angle 74.5° 74° 73.5° 73° 72.5° 72.5°
Top Tube Length 506mm 526mm 546mm 566mm 586mm 606mm
Head Tube Length 125mm 147mm 161mm 180mm 201mm 232mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 79mm 79mm 77mm 77mm 75mm 75mm
Front Center 596mm 606mm 606mm 611mm 621mm 641mm
Wheelbase 998mm 1008mm 1008mm 1014mm 1024mm 1044mm
Chainstay Length 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm 415mm
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