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The 3T Strada Frameset is a revolutionary blend of superior aerodynamics and unparalleled comfort, designed to maintain your optimal riding position without sacrificing ease and endurance. From its inception, the objective was clear: achieve the best aerodynamics while ensuring the rider's comfort, because comfort directly impacts the ability to sustain an aero position over long distances.

The Strada features a unique design divided into two specific zones tailored for speed and comfort. The 'Speed zone' encompasses the front half of the bike, including an ultra-deep yet narrow headtube, a wrap-around downtube, and a bladed fork, all engineered to slice through the air with minimal resistance. This zone is optimized for aerodynamic efficiency, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bike design.

Conversely, the 'Comfort zone' is focused on the rear half, where the curved seattube, slender seatstays, and an elongated exposed seatpost work in harmony to provide a smooth ride. This area not only enhances comfort but also aids in aerodynamics. The use of wider tires further contributes to this, offering increased compliance and shock absorption from road irregularities such as cracks, curbs, and cobblestones, while simultaneously reducing rolling resistance due to their shorter contact patch.

Internally routed cables within the Strada keep the silhouette sleek and reduce aerodynamic drag. A major design challenge was maintaining a narrow headtube to house the cables without expanding the bearing size, preserving the original slender profile of the Strada. The solution is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, showcasing narrow bearings and a headtube that tapers elegantly, even under UCI's updated aerodynamic regulations. This meticulous attention to detail in the Strada's design ensures it excels in both speed and comfort, making it a standout choice for serious cyclists.

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  • Designed to optimize both aerodynamics and comfort for sustained performance.
  • Features a 'Speed zone' with an ultra-deep, narrow headtube, wrap-around downtube, and bladed fork for cutting-edge aerodynamics.
  • 'Comfort zone' includes a curved seattube, slender seatstays, and an elongated exposed seatpost for enhanced comfort.
  • Utilizes wider tires for better shock absorption and reduced rolling resistance.
  • Internally routed cables maintain a sleek profile and minimize aerodynamic drag.
  • Headtube designed to be narrow despite internal cable routing, maintaining a slim profile.
  • Tapered headtube design aligns with new UCI rules for aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Strada frameset merges cutting-edge technology with functional design for top-tier cycling performance.
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