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Road Handlebars

3T Superergo LTD Stealth Handlebar

Carbon fiber allows designers and engineers incredible flexibility for shapes and construction of frames, forks, and components. For 3T, the LTD component range maximizes an ultralight carbon material into a premium lay-up for the lightest weight versions. After a serious level of research, internal and external consultation the designers at 3T has released new, innovative, and rider driven handlebar designs in their carbon fiber offerings. The Superergo LTD Stealth Handlebar takes full advantage of the capabilities of unidirectional carbon construction to offer the cyclist some of the best ergonomic hand positions and grip comfort ever offered on a handlebar. Only the center of the Superergo LTD carries over from the Ergonova series, though with a special surprise for Di2-equipped bikes. Offered here with the matte UD carbon black Stealth finish, the 3T Superergo LTD Stealth Handlebar will surely become a top choice for serious mileage cyclists who desire better comfort, vibration damping, and incredible overall performance from their handlebar

Your first hint that the Superergo LTD is a bit different comes from a quick look from the top of the handlebar. You can quickly identify the abbreviated shoulder of the curve, which not only improves forearm clearance for hard efforts out of the drops, but also creates a better grip position when you sit back from the hoods. The second key is the inner part of the curve, is now less- curved. The shape becomes more triangular, which delivers a more substantial hand position and adds overall stiffness to the bar.

The curve transitions to the drop, but you can see a brief near-flat section before you hit the lever mount zone. It is subtle, but allows for a near perfect transition to the shift/brake levers from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo- whether mechanical or electronic. Too often on a simple curved bar you get a build-up of tape in that zone, but now you get a great transition. We say near-perfect because cyclists will argue all day about how they prefer levers to be situated.

The Superergo LTD Stealth Handlebar has a 6° outward flare at the drops, adding 2cm of width from the measured bar size (C-C at the hood zone), so a 44cm bar has a C-C measurement of 46cm at the end of the drops. Reach has been re-evaluated as well, a C-C measurement from the center of the bar outward to the drop is 77cm, 89cm from center to the outside dimension of the drop. The actual drop from the center of the bar to the center of the drop extension is 119mm, which seems tight, but with the shape of the radius and the flare, never feels that way. 3T has created seamless internal cable routing for electronic and mechanical shifting systems, and the Shimano Di2 ready bar is fully compatible with the Di2 e-Tube bar plug Junction A. This ultra lightweight 31.8mm diameter bar weighs in at a feathery 175 grams in the 42cm size.


  • Di2 compatible UD carbon ultra lightweight with ergonomic road handlebar with engineered comfort, strength, grip zones and ride quality
  • Carries same center section and much of curve from Ergonova
  • Adapted curve and new graduated lever transition to drop bend improves lever set-up with all major manufacturers
  • LTD= special ultralight UD carbon lay-up
  • Internal electronic, mechanical routing, Di2 Junction A bar end compatible
  • Pre-fit with removable, customizable internal routing liner sleeves
  • Reach: center to center is 77mm, center to outside reach is 89mm
  • Drop: 119mm center to center
  • Shift-brake lever mount zone torque: 8Nm
  • Stem clamp zone diameter / torque: 31.8mm / 5Nm
  • NOT clip-on aerobar compatible
  • Sizes (C-C at lever mount zone): 38, 40, 42, 44 cm
  • Color: Stealth UD Matte (gloss black accents)
  • Weight: 175 grams (42cm)