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Road Handlebars

3T Superergo Pro Handlebar

After years of racing success and sales popularity, 3T has revamped their handlebar line-up, and the Italian designers took great care in the development and execution of the Superergo Pro Handlebar. Now the company has the released this Di2 Optimized version for ease of use with Shimano's popular wired electronic shifting system As in the old 3T line-up, the Pro designation in handlebars means aluminum, in this case 7050 alloy. In most respects the Superergo has replaced the Ergonova, with all but the center section changed from that best selling bar. The drop and corner grips zones have received marked changes, all engineered with considerable feedback from pro and recreational cyclists. The Pro-level alloy bar doesn't have all of the features of the carbon Team and LTD versions, for the simple reason of carbon offering the most design and construction flexibility.

The corner and drop shapes of the Superergo offer more subtle anatomic cues, developed to ease transitions and simply feel more natural when gripped. At drop, the gradual change in curvature makes the grip zone more comfortable for hands of all sizes. The tighter bend at the top further ensures the newest Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo shift/brake levers align for ideal bar to hood positions. The curve from the center to the drop extension is more subtle than the Ergonova, but gets much less reshaping than the Team or LTD carbon bars. By adding drop and center Di2 wiring holes, the bar sets up clean and easy, adding the pro-level pedigree of this bar.

The Superergo Pro has a 6° outward flare at the drops, adding 2cm of width from the measured bar size (C-C at the hood zone), so a 44cm bar has a C-C measurement of 46cm at the end of the drops. Reach has been re-evaluated as well, a C-C measurement from the center of the bar outward to the drop is 77cm, 89cm from center to the outside dimension of the drop. 3T has smartly placed grooves for external cable routing for a clean overall lever and housing set-up. Measured drop from center to center is 123mm. This 31.8mm diameter bar weighs in at 279 grams in the 42cm size. With such a well thought out set-up, shape, finish and fair price, we expect the 3T Superergo Pro Handlebar to carry the title of our new "best selling alloy handlebar".


  • 7050 Alloy road ergo handlebar with improved features and shape
  • Carries same center section and much of curve from Ergonova
  • Adapted curve and new graduated lever transition to drop bend improves lever set-up with all major manufacturers
  • External cable grooves for clean set-up
  • Di2 optimized with access holes for clean, integrated wiring
  • Reach: center to center is 77mm, center to outside reach is 89mm
  • Drop: 123mm center to center
  • Shift-brake lever mount zone torque: 8Nm
  • Stem clamp zone diameter / torque: 31.8mm / 5Nm
  • Clip-on aerobar compatible
  • Sizes (C-C at lever mount zone): 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46cm
  • Color: Black (white accents/markings)
  • Weight: 277 grams (42cm)