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Gravel Handlebars

3T Superghiaia LTD Stealth Handlebar

3T is famed for their innovative, high quality components in alloy and carbon fiber. With race and fast gravel bikes, a wider stance of a flared drop zone is desirable and beloved by many who enjoy stability and control on rough surfaces- especially on loose, inconsistent declines and descents. The unfortunate trade-off is that the radius of the drop gets flared outward as well and in bars that truly offer enough full drop width for optimal control, the levers must be set-up at an awkward angle. The Superghiaia LTD Stealth Handlebar is a demonstration of 3T's incredible carbon construction expertise, as the lever zone on each curve is still vertical, then the drops flare outwards, without sacrificing strength, lever position, weight, or bike control.

On top of that, somewhat literally in this case, the bar features the ergonomic oval-flat shape of the Superergo bar, which is more aero than round bar and features great hand support and fast placement transitions. In both simpler and more complicated terms, the shape is optimized for comfort regardless where you hold it. The aforementioned center-top section is ideal for handshape with relaxed grip control, while the corner grip bridge adds a new position of great comfort for climbing. And, of course, the top section drops curves straight down so the hoods are in the best comfort position, while the extreme flat under the hood creates a wider hand position. All these comfort features also increase control, as a proper grip on the handlebars helps you maneuver better, while the bottom flat and wider hand position give you more leverage.

At 203 grams (actual) in a size 42, the Superghiaia LTD Stealth is incomparably lightweight, and has an internal wiring system for all wire, cable, and housing types- even fully wired Di2. The bar is stiff, yet has a desired degree of compliance and excellent vibration damping properties. A 42cm bar is measured center-to-center at the textured lever mount position, while the width of the flared drop ends is 499mm on center. Quick and sure hand transitions on the various zones are ensured not only by the shapes and design, but the 110mm effective drop. The radius of the drop curve sets up perfectly with every shift/brake lever model currently available. For all bar sizes, the center-to-center reach position is 77mm (most manufacturers measure this way), but 3T also lists the center or outside edge measurement for the drop, in this case at 89mm.

For gravel riders looking for the best combination of speed, comfort, stability and light weight, there is no better option made than the 3T Superghiaia LTD Stealth Handlebar, and it is possible it will be until 3T comes up with a way to top it. Such is the innovation, material science, and construction expertise of the team at 3T.


  • Ultimate lightweight gravel bar with a semi-aero, ergonomically sound shape and unique angled drop flare
  • Flare begins below the lever zone, allowing levers to be vertical, not angled with the flare
  • Innovative, strong, unidirectional carbon construction with ultralight layup
  • Internal cable routing with cable channels; fully Di2 compatible, including Di2 bar-end plug Junction A
  • Stem-bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Stem clamp zone torque: 6Nm max w/ 4-bolt stem (8Nm max w/ 2-bolt stem)
  • Shift/brake lever clamp zone torque: 8Nm max
  • Not compatible with Clip-on bars
  • Size | Lever/Drop-end widths: 40cm |400mm/478mm, 42cm | 420mm/499mm, 44cm | 440mm/519mm
  • Finish: UD Carbon/Stealth Black
  • Weight: 203 grams (42cm actual)