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Clothing Bib Shorts

ALE GT 2.0 Bib Shorts

When you want support, comfort, style and performance in a bib short with great UV protection and great fabric technology, the ALÉ GT 2.0 Bib Short is a great choice. As a member of the R-EV1 race line design, this strongly form-fitting design is best worn in a more aggressive riding posture. Those who prefer a more open bib-upper design will embrace the GT 2.0, as will those who like a very clean aesthetic in black that can be work with almost any jersey for the group ride style wars. As with all of the piece in this series, ALÉ has applied their Body Mapping process to define the paneling, shapes, seam locations, breathability and ergonomic function in the design.

The heart of the bib short is the fast drying, high transfer polyamide Zaffiro fabric, with multi-directional stretch Lycra providing the fit capabilities, compression and support. Few panels were used for the short lower and mid connection zone, with the Lycra delivering great muscle support and resilient fabric return despite the high level, active stretch. With excellent breathability despite the tight knit, you will comfortable during high output efforts on hot summer days. You get excellent garment stability and ALÉ's designers add AntiSlip technology in key sections to reduce fabric movement. light polyurethane coating is is in certain areas to prevent excess movement across the larger panels. This is effective and not really noticeable to the wearer. By moving seams off key areas, and using super clean stitching or thermo-bonded taped seams, the feel on the skin is very comfortable and low friction. The bottom-leg Gripper ensures an impeccable and stable hold on the leg without excess compression thanks to a thin silicone skin-side application and the raw edge bonded seams. The exterior of the Gripper features a reflective glass-applique surface for superior low-light visibility.

Besides the Open Bib zone at the back, the upper utilizes ALÉ's Aero Mesh Superlight material. This provides optimal support and connection between the upper and short section, with a great complementary feel, taking advantage of a perfectly sculpted rear stabilization panel of the Zaffiro/Lycra to also keep the shammy pad exactly where you want it. The perforated mesh fabric is super light, with excellent wicking and cooling action, but also has 22% elastane to provide compression and stabilization coming off the fabric of the lower for an extremely comfortable transition. Flat, wide elastane bib straps have just the right amount of stretch and control for a comfortable, stable placement and a soft feel on the skin.

ALÉ applies their race driven 8HF shammy pad to the GT 2.0 Bib short. It has an elastic micro-fiber topsheet and excellent memory padding which is strategically positioned at the proper bones structure contact points in an aggressive riding posture. The padding that protects the perineal and ischiatic area, reaching a maximum density of 120 kg/m³ at 8mm thick, calibrated to ensure maximum protection from shocks and road stresses. The central relief channel safeguards the nerve endings even in the longest rides. The lateral shaped wings are soft and flexible to follow the body movements during pedaling with 4mm thick 60 kg/m³ density foam. The foam all features 3mm perforations to keep you as cool and dry as possible at high exertion levels. The 8HF pad moves with you, held in place by superior construction, great stretch and the support of the Speedy fabric.

One note on fit. This is a pure race product from a European company, so it will run small. Follow the size guidelines, and if in any doubt, size up. With a different fabric selection and upper design from other ALÉ bibs, the GT 2.0 will appeal to different body types as the materials do accommodate both more or less muscle bulk, and those who prefer a specific type of fabric and style. With UPF 50+ UV protection, great reflectivity, and pro-level quality and performance this lightweight bib short may well be your new favorite.


  • Lightweight, race-fit bib short with multi-directional Lycra stretch, and Open Bib design, impressive support and comfort for cyclists who favor semi and aggressive riding posture
  • ALÉ R-EV1 design with pure race cut, tight fitting with highly innovative materials, technical construction
  • Body Mapping used to define fit, functionality during the ride, as well as ventilation, breathability and protection
  • Zaffiro/Lycra® fabric is made from highly elastic, muscle supporting, resilient multi-stretch material; while being durable with excellent moisture management, high UV protection
  • Aero Mesh Superlight perforated fabric builds out the non-Open bib upper at the back and sides
  • Zero Friction bib construction eliminates friction via the use of raw-cut materials with the Bonded Technology taped seams
  • Open Bib structure features a large vertical open area for optimal heat release and comfort
  • Anti-Slip Technology used on interior of leg fabric Lycra with internal anti-slip polyurethane material for better overall hold that perfectly adheres to the skin without any extra compression
  • GRIPPER wide, reflective leg grippers, lightly silicone screened underneath for a perfect fit and low compression hold
  • ALÉ 8HF shammy developed with primary support zone open cell foam of 120 kg/m³ density padding at 8mm thick; surround features 4mm thick 60 kg/m³ density foam
  • The foam has 3mm perforations significantly increases the fast and efficient ventilation
  • Narrower pad shape for aggressive posture; central relief zone reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Elastic micro-fiber topsheet conforms to the body better, easy on the skin; anti-microbial properties
  • Materials: Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane, other Fibers; Polyurethane, Glass, Silicone
  • UV protection level: UPF50+
  • Reflective bottom hem and details for low-light visibility
  • Suggested temperature range: 65°- 86°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 175 grams (Medium)
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