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Coming from the PRR-series within ALÉ's line-up, the Strada Bib Shorts deliver a true form-fit, with race cut features, at a more accessible price point. You also get high quality fabrics, the same attention to detail, comfort, breathability and performance ALÉ is known for. Many of the PRR pieces are a little less compressive, and not extreme as the R-EV1 race fit, but the principles behind the PRR Strada are essentially the same as their pricier cousins. This is a lightweight, supportive bib short with the popular ALÉ 4HF shammy pad allowing the garment to deliver a great balance of performance and comfort.

The PRR garments are developed from the same starting point as most ALÉ pieces are. The designers applied Body Mapping data to determine several aspects of the design. The panels, fabric choices and construction follow anatomic form and ergonomic requirements. Every covered area is evaluated for heat build-up and perspiration. The fabrics that best match the various requirements are then chosen and applied in the proper alignments, garment stability, and require stretch as required for the purpose and price point of this bib short.

The main fabric here is the fast drying, high transfer rate, polyamide Zaffiro fabric, with multi-directional stretch Lycra providing the fit capabilities, compression and support. The designers used as few panels as possible for the short lower and mid connection zone, with the Lycra delivering great muscle support and resilient fabric return despite the high level, active stretch. With excellent breathability despite the tight knit, you will comfortable during high output efforts on hot summer days. The upper features a combination of flexible and supportive mesh materials, with the more open mesh panels made from a polyamide-elastane blend, while the straps themselves have polyester-elastane micro mesh which has a more controlled vertical stretch for proper fit and some structural support for the mesh panels. The straps lie flat, with stability. Both materials have excellent moisture transfer rates to help keep you cool and dry.

The short section carries the Zaffiro panels down but has three special features. At the front, the panel that transitions from the upper down to the pad has ALÉ's Eylet Carbon front insert, which features a polyamide-carbon fabric. The carbon strands dissipates the electrostatic charges, reducing friction from leg movement, as well as carrying natural antibacterial properties to keep this skin area healthier. At the rear, two technologies are used. The Leg Comfort System is an elastic insert with a wedge shape, placed in the back of the short/cuff to improve the ergonomic fit regardless of muscularity, helps keep short from riding up, while also having a reflective finish. This section stretches and breathes exceptionally well, carrying down and bisecting the leg cuff in the rear. The cuff itself is ALÉ's Leg Stability System, which features an elastic band fabric that is ultra thin with mild compression, keeping the fabric in place thanks to the application of Silicone threads interwoven through the fabric. It complements the LCS insert and has a comfortable effect.

The chamois pad, or "shammy" in ALÉ's world, is their 4HF model. It carries a similar shape to the pure race 8HF, but has a different padding level. This elastic pad insert features subtle transitions through the various details, as well as two padding levels. The main support zone features 8mm of 90 kg/m³ density padding that breathes and has excellent resiliency under load. The transitional lateral wings offer soft comfort on the skin, as well as 4mm 60 kg/m³ density foam that offers more protection. The elasticity of the entire system, as well as it's pre-shaped form allow it conform properly to the body, in or out of the saddle, with excellent flexibility and comfort. The center of the pad also features a relief zone, which reduces the padding to prevent too much direct, central pressure on the softest tissues, but also offers protection from impact or awkward saddle interaction when needed.

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  • Well-built and equipped bib short with a PRR-series true form-fit that is not as restrictive as a pure race fit, but has the same style and features as a race design, with less overall compression
  • Still built for an aggressive posture, but favors a semi-aggressive road position as well
  • Body Mapping used to define functionality during the ride, as well as ventilation, breathability and protection
  • Zaffiro Lycra® fabric is made from highly elastic, muscle supporting, resilient multi-stretch material; while being durable with excellent moisture management, high UV protection
  • Eylet Carbon front insert with carbon threads fabric the carbon strands dissipates the electrostatic charges
  • Flatlock stitching used throughout, placed off friction zones; offering excellent panel connections and overall movement
  • Leg Comfort System is an elastic insert with a wedge shape, placed in the back of the short/cuff to improve the ergonomic fit regardless of muscularity, helps keep short from riding up
  • Leg Stability System elastic band used as leg cuffs is ultra thin, keeps the fabric in place thanks to the Silicone threads interwoven through the fabric
  • 4HF Shammy strategically positions 8mm thick 90 kg/m³ density padding under the crucial perineal and ischiatic area while featuring 4mm, 60 kg/m³ density foam on the lateral wings
  • The elastic fabric topsheet and padding are breathable on all covered points to ensure utmost protection against shocks and stresses of the road
  • Central relief channel in pad was sculpted to protect the nerve endings for improved support, for short or long distances
  • The lateral shaped transitional elastic protection wings are flexible, move with body while pedaling
  • Materials: Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane, Silicone, other Fibers
  • UV protection level: UPF50+
  • Rear Reflector detail for low-light visibility
  • Suggested temperature range: 65°- 86°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Weight: 165 grams (Medium)
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