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Clothing Bib Shorts

ALE Pro Race Bib Shorts

ALÉ's Pro Race Bib Short is the workhorse option for their sponsored pro's. With tremendous muscle support, second-skin fit, enhanced UPF50+ protection, their 8HF shammy pad, and an incredible smooth skin interaction as a result of minimal paneling and thermo-bonded seaming, the ALÉ R-EV1 level Pro Race is equipped for performance that, just like you, endures.

The driving forces behind ALÉ's success in top-level cycling gear are: informed design, key material technologies and the knowledge for best application, pro rider and team testing and input, as well as a serious passion for delivering the best cycling experience to serious enthusiasts at every level. Working with some of the top textile companies, such as Schoeller, to tap into great fabrics and technologies, ALÉ is able to construct garments of incredible fabric complexity fully tailored to the needs of cyclists. By employing Body Mapping, the designers identify the anatomic and ergonomic requirements, as well as perspiration and heat build-up to deploy the proper fabrics, stretch and breathability rates, and decide how panels and seams are designed, achieved and located. The resulting garment feels custom, supportive and comfortable, no matter the use case. The shammy (ALÉ for chamois) pad choice is based on the latter and integrated into the design. Every pad option is developed and produced to ALÉ's exact specifications based on purpose, rider posture, gender, and other aspects, such as heat and desired padding level.

Textile wise, the Pro Race Bib Short is dominated by the special SPEEDY fabric, which has 39% elastane combined with polyamide fibers. The resulting material has a 40% elastic stretch modulus, allowing it to wrap the body as a second skin with fewer anatomical panels, providing necessary muscle compression and stimulating circulation, while extending up on the sides and back to support the finer, stabilizing muscles to reduce fatigue. Speedy is also extremely resistant to both pilling and abrasion, thus ensuring greater durability of the piece overall. Enhanced by Schoeller's coldblack® treatment, it provides UPF50+ protection, and minimizes the absorption of solar thermal radiations thus keeping the body fresher even during long summer rides. This finishing only carries bluesign® approved components that contain very low levels of harmful substances, making them benign to mankind and the environment and encouraging the economical and ecological use of resources in the production process. The absolute minimal of seaming and the use of bonded seam technology only enhance the uniform feel of the garment, which is seen most clearly in the low compression leg openings, which have no separate gripper zone- just the Speedy fabric run to full length down the thigh, with soft, flexible bonding of the raw fabric edge for exceptional comfort.

A rear insert, in Series C-Boost material, houses a reflective dotted transfer for visibility, and is resistant to pilling. The bib upper is made with Series LP 41, a perforated mesh fabric used for back zone, is light, with reduced thickness and high compression thanks to the 41% elastane used. It ensures great fit, is highly breathable and quick drying. Flat, wide, bonded bib straps have ideal stretch and recovery, with a natural feel overall. At the center front area, an AM Carbon Fiber panel provides carbon's natural anti-static action, dispersing the charges accumulated during physical activity. It protects against bacteria and polluting dust and it accelerates the evaporation of sweat, slowing down the formation of moisture on the skin in this hot, sensitive zone.

Speaking of sensitive, ALÉ applies their race driven 8HF shammy pad to the Pro Race Bib. It has an elastic micro-fiber topsheet and excellent memory padding which is strategically positioned at the proper bones structure contact points in an aggressive riding posture. The padding that protects the perineal and ischiatic area, reaching a maximum density of 120 kg/m³ at 8mm thick, calibrated to ensure maximum protection from shocks and road stresses. The central relief channel safeguards the nerve endings even in the longest rides. The lateral shaped wings are soft and flexible to follow the body movements during pedaling with 4mm thick 60 kg/m³ density foam. The foam all features 3mm perforations to keep you as cool and dry as possible at high exertion levels. The 8HF pad moves with you, held in place by superior construction, great stretch and the support of the Speedy fabric.

One note on fit. This is a pure race product from a European company, so it will run small. Follow the size guidelines, and if in any doubt, size up. Light weight, carrying major reflective details, driven by passion with tremendous race fit and overall performance, the ALÉ Pro Race Bib Short will be a staple of your training and racing for seasons to come.


  • High-level race grade best selling bib short designed for an aggressive riding posture, hard efforts
  • R-EV1 design with pure race cut, tight fitting with highly innovative materials, technical construction
  • Second skin fitting with minimal use of seams with fewer panels, taped/bonded seaming as needed
  • Main fabric wraps up over external obliques, finer muscles of the lower back to support and stabilize, reducing fatigue, offering comfortable feel
  • Body Mapping used to define functionality during the ride, as well as ventilation, breathability and protection
  • SPEEDY main fabric is used with minimal panels and seams while offering excellent moisture transfer, support
  • Enhanced by the coldblack® treatment, providing UPF50+ protection by blocking/reflecting rays off the fabric surface, keeping you cooler, and still allowing fabric to breathe
  • 39% elastane and a 40% stretch modulus, wraps the body as a second skin
  • Provides effective muscle compression while stimulating blood circulation
  • Fabric is extremely resistant to both pilling and abrasion, thus ensuring durability
  • Longer leg fabric, finished at the hem with a soft and flexible bonding that keeps shorts in place with no fabric transitions for exceptional comfort with less direct compression
  • Finishing only contains bluesign® approved components, human and environmentally friendly
  • AM Carbon Fiber fabric at the front has an antistatic action, protects against bacteria while evaporating sweat, reducing moisture off the skin
  • Series C-Boost rear panel with a reflective dotted transfer for visibility; resistant to pilling
  • Series LP 41 highly breathable and quick drying mesh fabric, 41% elastane offers great stretch, support
  • Bib straps lay flat and sure, with bonded seam for smooth transitions; ideal stretch, soft feel
  • Bonded Technology features taped seams, eliminate stitching in sensitive areas, reducing chafing risk
  • ALÉ 8HF shammy developed with primary support zone open cell foam of 120 kg/m³ density padding at 8mm thick; surround features 4mm thick 60 kg/m³ density foam
  • The foam has 3mm perforations significantly increases the fast and efficient ventilation
  • Narrower pad shape for aggressive posture; central relief zone reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Elastic micro-fiber topsheet conforms to the body better, easy on the skin; anti-microbial properties
  • Materials: Polyamide, Elastane, other Fibers
  • Reflective highlights and logos for low-light visibility
  • Suggested temperature range: 65°- 86°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 160 grams (Medium)
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