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Introducing the Alé R-EV1 Watt 3.6 Bib Shorts, a groundbreaking innovation from Alé's R+D Lab designed to optimize the energy output of cyclists. These bib shorts are the pinnacle of high-performance cycling wear, combining advanced materials and engineering to enhance your riding experience. Crafted with proprietary shuttle-woven fabric exclusively made in Italy, the Watt 3.6 features a unique 3D jacquard structure with various compressive bands. These bands are expertly contoured to the natural form of your muscles, ensuring an impeccable fit and superior muscle support.

The design minimizes seams and incorporates xAir Bib straps, significantly increasing stability while maintaining an ultra-low volume for sleekness and speed. The raw-cut leg hems are equipped with lightweight silicone grippers seamlessly integrated into the fabric, providing a secure fit without adding bulk. Reflective details are strategically placed to enhance visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring safety alongside performance.

The Alé R-EV1 Watt 3.6 Bib Shorts are part of the R-EV1 collection, Alé's most advanced line-up dedicated to cyclists who demand nothing but the best. With features like zero-friction bibs and comprehensive body mapping, these bib shorts set a new standard for what professional-grade cycling apparel can achieve, helping you perform at your peak with every ride.

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  • Optimizes energy output with advanced R+D Lab engineering
  • Features unique 3D jacquard structure for muscle contouring and support
  • Reduced seams and xAir Bib straps enhance stability and comfort
  • Integrated lightweight silicone grippers in raw-cut leg hems
  • Reflective details improve visibility for safer low-light riding
  • Part of Alé's high-performance R-EV1 collection
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