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Clothing Bib Shorts

ALE Velocity HD Race Bib Shorts

Creating the ideal bib short for racing requires the essential understanding of what the cyclist requires of the garment, how their bodies perform, and what materials and methods are available to meet those needs, as well as the technical performance capabilities of the fabrics chosen. ALÉ represents the pooled experience of a larger group of cycling companies and actively explores and applies cutting edge fabric options from major textile companies. Add in professional cycling experience in the office, the ability to work directly and intimately with sponsored athletes, and proven construction experience, and all the ingredients are in place to produce the premium grade Velocity HD Race Bib Short. This ALÉ R-EV1 level race bib carries wind tunnel proven aero fabrics that deliver exceptional moisture capture and transfer, with a design that ensures support, comfort, and ergonomic function for competition at the highest level of the sport.

More specifically, this is the most innovative and aerodynamic product in the ALÉ range, entirely created using fabrics tested in the wind tunnel to ensure the minimum possible friction with the air. The designers applied Body Mapping data to determine several aspects of the piece. The panels, fabric choices and construction follow anatomic form and ergonomic requirements. Every covered area is evaluated for heat build-up and perspiration. The fabrics that best match the various requirements are then chosen and applied in the proper alignments, garment stability, and require stretch. With the Velocity HD Race Bibs, which have an aerodynamic function, the advanced textiles were also formed for that function.

Aero Flash Wave is the lightweight body panel main fabric, with a combination of different yarns shaped and formed for the aerodynamic performance, with highly elastic response for support and compression, while allowing the rider to move freely within the pedal cycle from an aggressive cycling posture. The fabric is highly breathable, and hydrophilic. ALÉ taps into the expertise of Schoeller, whose Flash textiles are highly-elastic, knitted fabrics from their Eschler Knitted textiles e1 Absorption group. The combined technology deployed is both highly breathable and hydrophilic, but also has some fabric that actually absorbs your sweat and rapidly moves it away from the body for exceptional comfort. it seems contradictory, but allows the designers to supply the exact combination of fabrics required- as informed by Body Mapping, as well as the textiles themselves. The result is incredible fit, form and function with incredible breathability at light weight.

Virtually the entire upper features a soft hydrophilic Series LP 41 mesh that is incredibly breathable while also offering ideal stability for the wide, flat bib straps that have a controlled stretch. There are two side panels from the lower that extend upwards slightly, adding some stabilizing support for the external obliques. For such technical fabrics, the Velocity HD Race still has a soft feel on the skin. This is feature feature of the fabric surfaces themselves, but also the joining technologies, which include flatlock stitching where the seams won't cause chafing, and in the more sensitive areas, where ALÉ applies their Bonded Technology, process of heat bonding adhesive taped seams, which eliminate stitching in sensitive area and give the garment a sleek, skin-like layer feel. You can see this in the Zero Friction bib supports, which combine the use of raw-cut materials with the bonded seams to eliminate friction.

The short section follows suit, with ALÉ's CS Stability System leg grippers. These wide, flat contrasting stretch cuffs, which require less compression to stay in place with the use of heat transfer hypoallergenic silicone grip material. Here the raw edge material sits flat, with incredible comfort. The remaining major fabric detail of the short section is the application of the Graphene-infused Aero G.140 side bands. This superlight fabric is woven into exceptionally aero structures, with incredible moisture transfer and antimicrobial properties. So not only is the main fabric, which is front facing, developed for that aero requirement, but the sides of the legs offer an additional benefit where the airflow carries off and past the body.

Last, but incredibly important to the designers and the rider, a Velocity-specific model of the ALÉ 8HF shammy is mated into the short, and thanks to the Tristitch attachment process, the shammy remains adherent to the body, following the cyclist's movements in and out of the saddle. The pad was developed with open cell foam of 100 Kg/m³ density, in a thickness of 12 mm in the main support and pressure area for increased support on the longest and hardest racing days. 3mm perforations combine with the topsheet and fabric composition to ensure the fastest moisture release process to keep the skin as dry and comfortable as possible. The narrower, race specific pad favors the aggressive race posture, with the thinner side sections wrapping out slightly beyond the saddle, keeping the transition off the pressure zone to eliminate friction.

Every fabric, design detail, seam, and function of the Velocity HD Race Bib Short has been considered, selected, and applied for one goal- to create the best fitting and performing race bib short you can buy. One note on fit. This is a pure race product from a European company, so it will run small. Follow the size guidelines, and if in any doubt, size up.


  • Premium grade race bib short with proven aerodynamic fabrics and incredible breathability
  • R-EV1 design with pure race cut, tight fitting with highly innovative materials, technical construction
  • Body Mapping used to define functionality during the ride, as well as ventilation, breathability and protection
  • Aero Flash Wave main fabric combination of different yarns shaped & formed for aerodynamic performance, verified in the wind tunnel, with highly elastic feel, highly breathable, hydrophilic
  • Aero G.140 side bands feature Graphene infused fabric superlight, structured aero surface
  • Series LP 41 highly breathable, quick drying mesh fabric, 41% elastomer offers great stretch, support
  • Bonded Technology features taped seams, eliminate stitching in sensitive areas, reducing chafing risk
  • Zero Friction bib eliminates friction via the use of raw-cut materials with the Bonded Technology taped seams
  • CS Stability System a heat transfer in hypoallergenic silicone applied to the inside of the leg hem to allow the shorts to adapt to different body shapes, in part by reducing the elastic compression
  • Velocity 8HF shammy developed with open cell foam of 100 Kg/m³ density, in a thickness of 12 mm
  • The foam has 3mm perforations significantly increases the fast and efficient ventilation
  • Elastic micro-fiber topsheet conforms to the body better, easy on the skin; anti-microbial properties
  • Narrower pad shape favors aggressive race posture; attached with subtle Tristitch system away from pressure points for a clean transition, and allows the pad to move with the body
  • Materials: Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane, other Fibers
  • Reflective highlights for low-light visibility
  • Suggested temperature range: 65°- 86°F
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 155 grams (Medium)
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