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For many road cyclists and trail riders, the Arundel Mandible carbon cage sets the standard for the ultimate in bottle cage performance, with superlative retention, easy angle draw and insertion, a sexy look, and lifelong resiliency. The one drawback for many folks is the price. The Mandible's complex shape and carbon construction adds cost. Arundel makes several great composite material cage, including their Sport, which gets the job done pretty well at a great price, but riders of trails, gravel grinders, commuters, and adventure cyclists have been calling for a composite Mandible-type design- and here it is- the Grypto!

Using only 48 grams of the same material as Arundel's proven Sport Cage and the geometrically enhanced arm design of the venerable Mandible cage (which is all you really need to know), the Grypto Cage offers outstanding bottle holding security at a more affordable price. The colorways feature gloss highlights on a satin finish and Arundel offers the Grypto in a wide array of colors that lend an aesthetic that will look good on any bike, over any surface.

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  • A more cost effective composite version of the top performing Arundel Mandible carbon bottle cage
  • Grippy, sleek and secure like Arundel's Mandible carbon but featuring Nylon reinforced plastic
  • Composite is incredible durable, reliable long-term, can handle most crash events without damage
  • Offered in a wide variety of colors to enhance your ride (we may be able to special order colors we don't stock)
  • Gloss/matte combo finish adds style to any bike
  • Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue
  • Weight: 48 grams
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