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Clothing Bib Shorts

The Cento Evo Bib Short from Assos carries the Cento legacy forward. Designed and built for long distance performance and top-level effort, but with comfort built in, this is the design that is generally used for everyday training and moderate weather racing by sponsored pro cyclists. The Evo comes from evolution, as the Cento Evo advances the excellent T.Cento S7 model with just a few, but important updates. As this is bib well loved and widely selected, Assos did not seek to re-engineer it, but advance it.

We'll start with the carry over, with the return of the excellent Type.439 Diadema fabric. This textile delivers consistent stretch via two different 4- way stretch zones, and mild to moderate consistent compression on the legs. The Cento features the fit is a touch more generous around the lower abdominals than their pure racingFit options. The first of the Evo updates is the use of a new raw-cut zeroWaist to ensure a smooth and comfortable hold on a variety of body types. The cut and waist now combine to create more comfort and less pressure on the lower end of the diaphragm, allowing for easier, deeper breathing and virtually no pressure band on the waist.

Again, carrying over we have the Y7 bib carrier system; the wide, flexible bib straps converge at the upper back in a Y-shape design, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades. The other key rear connection zone still employs the printed graphic V3 dorsal stabilizer in a solid mesh with limited vertical stretch. It delivers just the right amount of compression to support the fine muscles of the lower back, wicking away moisture with casual ease and connecting the upper and lower sections for perfect fit and comfort.

Beyond the Type.439 textile, the lower is a cornucopia of Assos technology, but with a new version of the Cento S7 chamois. You get the breathable, cooling 3D waffle foam, goldenGate three-dimensional freedom of movement from the side panels, centering this sensitive, rotational area technology, and the famed kukuPenthouse which has a soft, brushed microfiber layer added to the front part of the pad insert that supports the male anatomy, eliminates pressure, and increases ventilation. All of that works off the new 10mm foam Black Cento S7 elastic interface insert, which is not bulky or minimal, carefully formulated to find the crux point between performance and comfort without sacrificing either.

This regularFit bib short actually works well for both racing physiques and those who take their long distance cycling seriously, but alas, not every day. Performance and comfort do matter to both groups, who look forward to next ride just as they spin down for the day. And so too the final details. The finish of the Cento Evo leg sections is accomplished with Assos Ultralight Leg Grippers. This light silicon treatment is woven into the leg bands, which reduces fabric bulk and secures the shorts in place without any excessive pressure. This isn't a throw-away detail, but essential to the consistency of feel and compression, while preventing the legs from riding up. A little safety is always appreciated, and Reflective Bands are placed on the rear seam towards the grippers for added visibility. The Cento Evo Bib Short is not only a viable comfortable performance bib, but one that holds up well to repeated use with proper care. Dollar for mile, few bibs on the market can even come close.

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  • Ideal bib short with blend of performance and comfort in regularFit, evolved key areas
  • Major updates to waist edge and pad insert offer clear distinction from T.Cento S7
  • Base Type.439 Diadema fabric and most technologies carry forward
  • Performance, comfort, durability; the textile weave has two rates of 4-way stretch
  • Wide, flexible bib straps in upper Y-shape design; flat, stable structure and support
  • New zeroWaist: A raw-cut, tape-reinforced edge for the smoothest transition possible
  • Stabilizator V3: Dorsal stabilizer in a solid mesh with limited vertical stretch, graphics
  • Pad zone tech features: 3D waffle, goldenGate, kukuPenthouse
  • Evolved Cento S7 elastic pad insert, Black,10mm foam for comfort/performance
  • Ultralight Leg Grippers have a light silicon treatment woven into the leg bands
  • Reflective Bands placed on the backs of the thighs for added visibility
  • regularFit is optimized for total comfort in riding position; more relaxed than racingFit
  • Overall a highly breathable, comfortable, high mileage performance bib short
  • Textile: 73% nylon, 17% Elastane, 10% polyester
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: blackSeries
  • Inseam: 9.5" (Large)
  • Weight: 201 grams (Large)
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