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Clothing Tights - Mens

Assos offers some incredibly technical winter cycling equipment, but "incredibly technical" doesn't always deliver the goods. It has to be the right textile technology, applied properly, with a deeply informed understanding of cold weather riding, but also the definitive capabilities of the fabrics and construction details that ensure you can go out in any temperature range and achieve your goals. Made for hard cycling training in cold winter temperatures, the Assos EQUIPE R HABU Winter Bib Tights S9 make use of heavy-weight insulating fabrics to lock in body heat. As you ride, you'll soon be generating warmth, which is trapped and maintained thanks to Assos RX EVO Plus textile. The warmest of the RX family of fabrics, it features a luxuriously soft fleece inner to hold in heat. Breathability is also excellent, keeping you warm and dry when you inject pace or face into a tough headwind. This is what winter cycling should be- an experience that allows you to focus on the road ahead and your training plan, not how cold it is.

Protection of sensitive areas being critical below freezing, across the crotch, you'll benefit from the 3-layer AIRBLOCK.888 panel over the RX EVO Plus. This panel provides protection from wind and water, making it ideal for blustery and damp winter days. Keeping with the theme- over the knees, Assos uses 2-layers of the supple RX EVO Plus in their twinDeck system keep your bony knees warm and protected while moving freely throughout the pedal stroke. Such details are also the focus of the construction process. The R Habu Bib Tights S9 are designed to remain stable and supportive as you move and pedal. The A-Lock Engineering of the body makes use of a unique butterfly panel and Assos’ ergoBox design to maintain the perfect, frictionless fit as you transfer your weight in the saddle. You’ll also benefit from the Assos X-Frame design, borrowed from the Equipe RSR summer bibs. This gives support for the lower part of the tights and stabilizes the seat pad when you’re pedaling and moving. This leads to improved comfort on longer bike rides.

With feedback from WorldTour riders and proven to be fast, the racingFit of the R Habu tights maintains streamlined summer performance into winter. Hugging the body while not sacrificing flexibility on the bike, you’ll benefit from less wasted energy on your long bike rides. Raw-cut and bonded ankle hems also bring smooth and comfortable performance to the tights. These bonded cuffs eliminate ridgelines, create smooth transitions and work well under winter shoe covers. Speaking of comfort, let's not forget the famed Assos EQUIPE R S9 Insert. Support and comfort on the saddle are provided by this insert. With 9mm of shock-absorbing foam, it’s the perfect companion for long winter road rides, yet it won't hold moisture or allow you to overheat, as the 3D waffle design uses three layers of perforated foam to increases breathability and reduce bulk. The GoldenGate stitching pattern holds the insert at the front and the back but allows it to float too, moving with your body rather than against it, offering sublime comfort. This is an insert that you hope you never think about, and essentially, you don't, as it works incredibly well- just like the rest of this highly developed winter bib tight.

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  • Bib tight with heavy-weight insulating fabrics made for competitive cycling training in cold winter temperatures
  • Assos racingFit is a second-skin, aerodynamic silhouette; can be restrictive when standing/off bike
  • Insulating RX EVO Plus material is Assos warmest; luxuriously soft fleece inner to hold in heat but with excellent breathability
  • Wind and water-resistant AIRBLOCK.888 crotch panel
  • twinDeck 2-layers of RX-EVO Plus insulation is supple over the knees
  • A-Lock engineered upper for frictionless fit
  • X-Frame upper system supports and stabilizes the seat insert and lower body
  • Raw Cut hem and cuffs are raw cut and bonded
  • EQUIPE R S9 Insert ideal for winter with 9mm of shock-absorbing foam
  • 3D waffle design uses three layers of perforated foam to increases breathability and reduce bulk
  • GoldenGate stitching pattern holds the insert at the front and the back but allows it to float with body
  • Materials: 75% Polyamide, 23% Elastane, 2% Polyester
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: blackSeries
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