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Clothing Jerseys - Short Sleeve - Men

In the previous version, Assos upgraded the Equipe RS jersey with an even more race-oriented design for committed cyclists who sponsor themselves but demand pro-tier performance. Now they have upgraded it again. The TARGA generation incorporates the aerodynamic detailing of its predecessor with gains in comfort and structural stability. Performance, comfort, quality epitomize the RS S9 TARGA’s excellence, and it is something you feel while in the saddle. The fit is pure Assos race-level aeroFit, with the most aggressive, most aerodynamic, most compressive, and fastest jersey in the Assos collection. The concept and the RS Jersey S9 Targa itself was built for World Tour cycling, but it is true many super serious enthusiasts who embrace every ride with passionate aggression desire and wear such pieces every ride. This "second-skin" fit is pretty restrictive while standing, but feels truly natural in an aggressive posture while riding.

miniCheck Tex, which provides the Assos signature texture, with combines a Stabilizer panel insert to anchor the pockets. The fabric blend resists odor while promoting breathability and cooling airflow. The company's PushPull warp knit on the sleeves and pockets add a breathable 2-way stretch that adds stabilization from vertical pull. The selection of textiles offer UPF25 for the front of the jersey, UPF30 for the back, and UPF50+ for the sleeves. The sleeves themselves are current-standard longer than traditional short sleeves for greater aero efficiency and more compression to restrict the vibration-driven movement of the upper arm muscles that adds fatigue over long, hard races or rides.

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  • Updated SS jersey combining aerodynamic speed and comfort that makes it virtually disappear when you’re in the saddle
  • Ideal for the fastest, hottest days for aerodynamics and comfort expected of World Tour equipment
  • Incorporates the aerodynamic detailing of its predecessor with gains in comfort and structural stability
  • Fit is Assos most restrictive and posture-specific aeroFit, which is most comfortable when rider is in the most aggressive riding positions
  • miniCheck Tex fabric is incredible breathable and cooling, with a distinct Assos texture; used for much of the body of the piece
  • Stabilizer fabric panel at the rear isolates the pocket structure, anchoring it in place with 2-way horizontal, but absolute minimal vertical stretch- and is also incredibly breathable to reduce heat build-up at the lower back when pockets are full
  • Fabric blend resists odor while promoting breathability and cooling airflow
  • PushPull fabric is used on the sleeves and pockets themselves, which also has two way stretch to limit vertical while maintaining better compression for pocket retention, and in the sleeves for muscle stabilization
  • Textiles offer UPF25 for the front of the jersey, UPF30 for the back, and UPF50+ for the sleeves
  • Impeccable details, stitching and design that allow the jersey to strictly conform to the body with minimal friction or pressure points
  • Materials: 66% Polyester, 22% Polyamide, 12% Elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Colors: Black, Holywhite, Stone Blue
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