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Clothing Tights - Mens

Assos Mille GTO Winter Bib Tights C2

GTO marks the pinnacle of the Total Comfort Mille GT line - with winter flair in the form of the GTO Winter Bib Tights C2. As such, it features the plushest insert, low-volume insulation, and targeted protection which combine to create the definitive regularFit Winter bib tights for the harshest cold-weather conditions. The Mille GTO C2 pad is engineered with the most responsive multi-density insert offered to date. Friction and excessive pressure on long-distance rides are a thing of the past thanks to reversed-stitch lines and a radically reshaped insert. The insert is constructed with stitch-free goldenGate side panels and superlight sundeck foam for frictionless comfort. A pre-shaped cup both supports the male anatomy and promotes maximum ventilation without sacrificing weather protection.

Outside the overall qualities and seemingly limitless Assos textiles and proprietary garment construction techniques, the Mille GTO Winter Bib Tights C2 also have a very special feature. To engineer the first impact protection-oriented winter bib tights, the design team at Assos developed the IMPACTOR construction using a two-layer system that targets the hip panels. First, they adopted their durable ripstop dyneRope textile from the off-road equipment collection. Second, they re-engineered the removable impactPads with a more flexible, breathable design. The result is built-in abrasion resistance, impact protection, and frictionless ASSOS comfort that ensures you’re prepared for winter’s toughest environments.

The main textile of the lower section is the Assos OSMOS Heavy which delivers maximum insulation, breathability, and pure comfort with its skin-facing brushed inner surface. The blasenSchutz front panel is made with OSMOS Light and a second overlapping layer of perforated SPHERE Ultra Hole, where “micro holes” in the stretchy membrane-backed 2L softshell maintain added protection from cold wind and road spray. The GTO straps and leg panels are constructed using Assos rollBar design and a one-piece Butterfly panel for proven stability. Each leg panel features their louvreTec construction, which tapers to the exact shape of your legs for a custom compressive wrap. The superFlat X-FRAME transition construction on the back carries a single section of elastic material, which is folded over on itself, forming a supportive X-frame that delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear for a better overall fit and support.

Keeping the transitional zone from upper to lower sections to the most minimal build, the designers use their zeroWaist technique, offering the smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric panel. The result is more comfort with less pressure and virtually no skin irritation. Down on the outermost layer of the lower legs, Assos applies their waterBarrier system, a more flexible, lighter neoprene type material called Geoprene. This fabric will shrug off road spray or puddle water and also adheres well to booties for better overall weather protection.

Assos regularFit was designed with greater size and body type flexibility than their raceFit. It is still conforming and adheres to general European sizing, but the OSMOS fabric does have great stretch and compression for varying leg muscularity. Overall comfort is beyond exceptional, making long rides in the cold of winter not only bearable, but enjoyable. The ergonomic pedaling action is supportive and free, as the fabric aligns with your body throughout the motion, doesn't bunch up, and helps encourage blood circulation. If you are serious about cold winter riding, understand that protection on the hip is a real bonus when conditions can be slippery, and want the best overall performance from a winter bib tight, select your size and purchase now.


  • Supremely well made and equipped bib tight with low-volume insulation, water-resistant finish to go with the best performance-comfort seat pad ever conceived
  • OSMOS HEAVY main fabric offers warmth, breathability; paired with a soft brushed interior and compressive muscle support stretch
  • Raw-cut, tape-reinforced zeroWaist delivers smooth transition between body and fabric
  • SuperFlat X-FRAME delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear for best relationship between upper and lower
  • blasenSchutz front panel of OSMOS Light, perforated SPHERE Ultra Hole 2L membrane to expel excess heat, block the elements
  • GTO straps and leg panels are constructed using Assos rollBar design and one-piece Butterfly panel
  • louvreTEC proprietary stitch construction removes excess material to eliminate friction-causing wrinkles
  • Pad pocket face is made with durable ripstop dyneRope textile that Assos uses on their MTB gear
  • ImpactPads are removable, flexible TPU hip crash pads with perforated surface to increase breathability and freedom of movement
  • Waterbarrier Geoprene outermost layer at the bottom of the leg that repels water/road spray and adheres to booties
  • MILLE GTO C2 Insert is made up of Microshock, Filterfoam, and 3D waffle
    • 3-layer, multi-density memory foam construction, tuned for matchless comfort, breathability, and support
    • Stitch-free goldenGate side panels and superlight sundeck foam for frictionless comfort
    • Lightweight Microshock foam uses only 11mm for proven shock-absorbing stability
    • Lower-density matrix Filterfoam fully absorbs micro-vibrations and excess moisture
    • Perforated 3D Waffle foam increases breathability and eliminates extra weight
  • Material-main: 53% Polyamide, 30% Polyester, 17% Elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: blackSeries
  • Weight: tbd
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