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When Assos introduced the Spring Fall series for competitive training and racing in the shoulder seasons, it was a matter of course that an insulating bib short would be a staple of the line-up. All to the better is truly based off the top selling Equipe RS S9 Bib Short design, which launched a new direction for Assos race design. The only differences between the standard and Fall Spring versions are an insulating fabric, and removal of the kraterCooler chamois ventilation. As this is Assos you are still getting a spectrum of their proprietary textiles, classic race cycling position fit and impeccable construction, in a completely new thermal option in a bib short construction Assos enthusiasts have embraced. Witness the Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall Bib Tights S9, an ideal piece for competitive year round cyclists who appreciate the quality and functionality that ensures comfortable performance on the bike regardless of the calendar.

For Assos design and fabrics are fully intertwined. Understanding the physical requirements of the piece, how to construct it, and what fabric or fabrics to use is all part of a single process. first is that the brushed interior is highly insulating, breathable, and super soft against our skin. These bib tights include an A-Lock Engineering framework to brace the shorts and ensure they remain stabilized in the toughest racing environments. The leg main panels are constructed with brushed-back Assos Osmos Light textile, which adds great consistency in feel and warmth. Osmos Medium was layered over key forward areas for more protection and warmth without sacrificing suppleness. These fabrics are the latest members to join the Assos brushed family of fabrics, and the technical two-in-one composition provides the final construction with several advantages.

The first is that the brushed interior is highly insulating, breathable, and super soft against the skin. The warp-knit outer acts as the “shell” of the shorts, further supporting your leg muscles with its compressive structure. Together, these two components of the textile create a nice hold on the legs, encouraging positive circulation and uniform warmth throughout. Knowing that the wind-facing front panel takes the brunt of the elements, the designers applied the Sphere Ultra textile in Assos double-layer twinDeck construction to lock out the icy cold air around the crotch, while still remaining breathable. The materials and design provide a seamless wrap and consistent insulation levels throughout the lower body during all-day training sessions, with the smoothest transition possible at the lower leg hem.

For the insert, Assos incorporated the race-proven Equipe RS Insert, minus the kraterCooler ventilation hole, in the signature basalt colorway, equipped with superAir microShock foam, 3D waffle topsheet, along with the ASSOS-exclusive goldenGate technology and horizontal stabilizer in the rear. The sleek pad itself is a pre-formed, 3D three layer waffle-type design, covered with the antibacterial microfiber booster S9 Basalt top sheet, padded with an ultralight open-cell foam that delivers shock absorbing comfort, yet breathes while being superlight. Assos is using a horizontal stabilizing stitch that complements the Ergobox, and locks the chamois to the short. It is not free floating. The side panels do feature the Golden Gate system that allows the pad to move with the leg action, essentially eliminating friction against the skin, while allowing the Osmos textile to move in it's own right. For those who haven't ridden the Equipe S9 insert, this is a change for Assos, and for those who felt the more bulky version used over the previous years had been surpassed by the competition, a welcome change. Many feel the Equipe S9 may be the best feature of the new line.

Unless, of course you had already embraced the wider industry practice of bibs with flat straps and more minimalist yolk. If so, you'll love the Assos Carbon XBib design. Each strap is cut from a single piece of material and crossed in the mid back, with an incredibly consistent stretch that delivers comfort but also helps to prevent the strap from folding over. The center of the x-yolk joins the bib straps in a minimal fashion so nearly the entire back can breathe freely, passing heat and perspiration direct to a baselayer or your jersey. No back panel adding another layer or limiting direct air flow. With the Spring Fall line, you dress and layer as required for the conditions, with the garments designed to complement each other and work together in harmony as you pursue early or late season podiums.

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  • Race-level thermal bib tights for shoulder season use from Assos
  • Exceptional cycling position specific fit, with even stretch, soft internal feel
  • Strategically thermal, highly breathable, moderate compression
  • Dependable stability, full-day support demanded by toughest races
  • Osmos Light warp-knit is the main bib short textile, with Osmos Medium layered in key forward areas, featuring asymmetrical stretch soft, durable construction for more warmth and protection
  • Sphere Ultra used in twinDeck double-layer construction on the front crotch panel for added thermal insulation; patented 2L windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency, maximizing insulation while minimizing bulk
  • Rollbar bib-strap bracing design secures the insert and upper short
  • Ergobox panel construction frames insert in the back, for added stability
  • Carbon XBib strap material forms a supportive A-Lock frame with tuned elasticity
  • Single fabric panel on lower back/legs delivers consistent hold, lower weight
  • Equipe S9 FS chamois tech: Chamois tech: superAir microShock foam, 3D Waffle topsheet, goldenGate chamois support and movement freedom system (no kraterCooler in this model)
  • S9 Basalt antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet of new chamois
  • Reflective highlights for safety
  • Materials: 56% Polyamide, 28% Poylester, 16% Elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
  • Color: Blackseries
  • Weight: tbd (Large)
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