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Clothing Bib Shorts

Wearing clothing as a system is inherent to Assos, and the Trail Liner Bib Shorts were developed to work optimally with their Trail Cargo Shorts T3, with ideal placement of the pocket and optional pad system for the best interaction between the two pieces. It is true that other over-shorts may work just fine, but the interactions may be less than ideal. The overall quality, design and features of the Trail Liner Bib Shorts are worth it either way. Most liner bibs lack a high quality, high performance insert pad like their OffRoad Liner EVO Insert, or a truly proper bib design optimized for cycling ergonomics, with seams located off pressure zones and proper paneling for ideal cycling ergonomics. This is a liner bib that will exceed your expectations.

The designers took the support of a bib, the storage of a pack (or jersey), and the protection of pads and created these liner bib shorts for those of you who like to keep it light and lean on the trail, without sacrificing anything in the process. They positioned two cargo pockets high enough along the lower back to avoid contact with an over-short waistband, yet low enough for easy access to their contents under your jersey. Dual, slim pockets were developed spacious enough for an extra bottle, pump, multitool, keys etc. The waist has been constructed with a tall V-shaped panel that comfortably molds to your lower abdomen while in the riding position, and we also extended the inseam for a cleaner wrap on the thighs.

Assos proprietary Ultrasoft warp-knit Aerofit fabric has been applied to the legs for maximum ventilation. It's high elasticity and built-in odorControl also keeps you cool and dry when the temps and effort go up. At the waist, the company's AZPtech (abdominalZeroPressure construction was developed with a soft, highly elastic material to further improve fit and hold. Flat and flexible bib straps hold the shorts comfortably in place, you'll soon forget they're there when you're into the flow of the trail. Stabilizator mesh to the back ensures excellent moisture control and provides support for the built-in pockets. These pockets sit high on the back, to avoid your baggies waistband, but they're still easily accessible when you need to grab essentials. Leave your backpack at home and enjoy the extra freedom and flexibility you get.

On the saddle, the OFF-ROAD Liner EVO Insert is designed to offer extra support across the rear of the pad, suited to the more upright riding position when mountain biking. The 3D waffle construction sees three-layers of perforated foam delivering impressive breathability while reducing bulk as that is the purpose of the 8mm of Memory Foam. Ventilation is also optimized due to the 4mm thick kraterCooler system, a layer which features perforation holes along the front of the pad to increase airflow and cool sensitive areas.

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  • Liner-type bib shorts were designed to be worn directly under Assos Trail Cargo Shorts
  • Lightweight, with optimal breathability, can work with many over-shorts, but optimal fit and interaction with the Assos Trail product
  • Can also be used for gravel/adventure use, but added insert padding favors the hip angle of most trail riding positions
  • Aerofit ultrasoft warp-knit fabric woven with an open structure for maximum ventilation, high elasticity and built-in odorControl
  • AZPtech (abdomZeroPressure) waist construction developed with a soft, highly elastic material to improve the comfort and hold at the waist, minus any pressure or pinching
  • Stabilizator V3 Dorsal stabilizer in bib upper is a solid mesh panel with limited vertical stretch
  • Ramp Pockets - two textile-lidded pockets at mid-back optimally located for ease of access, useful storage
  • OFF-ROAD Grippers deliver a lightly compressive and secure hold, free of silicone
  • OFF-ROAD Liner EVO Insert designed to offer extra support across the rear of the pad, matching more upright riding position/weight distribution when mountain biking
    • 3D waffle 3L construction layer of shaped, perforated foam offers impressive breathability while reducing bulk
    • 8mm of memory foam shaped to sit within the system, offering the extra support you require offroad
    • Front of the pad has 4mm thick kraterCooler layer, which has forward facing perforations for direct airflow
    • goldenGate insert support and movement freedom system allows the pad system to react with rider
    • Also compatible with Assos impactPads (8mm high-density polyurethane, sold separately) at the hips for crash protection
    • Materials: 61% Polyamide, 21% Polyester, 18% Elastane
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG
    • Color: blackSeries
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