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With a series of iterations the last few years, Assos had improved the UMA GT bib option for women. With this UMA GT C2 Bib Short, the concept was fully reimagined, and draws more from the men's technologies, which have been more advanced. From the fabric design, bib upper system, pad insert and more, the UMA GT C2 is truly a design optimized for the bodies and needs of female cyclists, but now carries more high end race tech and comfort than ever before.

The foundation of most Assos pieces is the dominant fabric utilized to ensure the garment truly meets the essential requirements. In this bib, the company's Type.429 fabric is flexible enough for streamlined, compressive fit and great support; with high breathability, despite being durable to everyday rides that add up to serious annual mileage. A reimagined waistband with a stabilizing elastic layer that anchors the fit and an additional top band of mesh that extends coverage, independent of the elastic band, for comfort, moisture management, and to eliminate gaps between shorts and jersey while in the saddle. This highly functional fabric delivers a snug flexible fit to ensure you slip through the air with ease. It's also highly breathable, perfect for high summer rides and durable to resist the abuse of countless kilometers on the saddle. And with light compression, helps push back fatigue as your rides get longer, matching the longer days of summer.

Finding the perfect harmony of long-ride comfort and smooth, flexible fit, the Assos AEPD Regular Fit is based upon Assos race models but it's more accommodating of different shapes and sizes. At the waist, the more forgiving zeroPressure design also keeps the shorts beautifully in place while allowing optimal flexibility for deep breathing and low riding positions. The comfort also extends to the ultraLight leg grippers- 4.5mm in depth and using Lycra with woven silicone grip, they provide a secure non-bulge fit while giving a smooth and uninterrupted transition from shorts to skin. The Assos X-Frame bib design is used to stabilize the seat pad and lower section perfectly in place, with wide, flat straps that are built with controlled stretch and a full X in the rear for maximum air flow on the skin and with ideal interaction with any jersey.

The women's UMA GT C2 Insert features 9mm of superAir microShock cushioning and the "floating" design of goldenGate construction which allows the pad to move with your body- not against your motion out of the saddle in particular. The pad insert is exceptionally comfortable, supportive and shock-absorbing as the compressive foam layers provide endurance-focused support on the saddle. In addition, the 3D Waffle design uses a three-layer construction, with perforated foams to enhance breathability and airflow. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation while the odorControl Top Sheet Tex in Sugar Blue maintains freshness.

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  • New women's bib short platform for committed daily riding, whether that’s dedicated training regimens, the weekly crit series, or weekend centuries
  • Type.429 fabric is flexible enough for streamlined, compressive fit and great support; with high breathability, despite being durable to everyday rides that add up to serious annual mileage
  • C2 AEPD Women's regularFit based on race performance and aero models but tuned for comfort with zeroPressure system
  • zeroPressure waist transition construction developed with a soft, highly elastic material to improve the comfort and hold at the waist, minus any pressure or pinching with minimal pressure
  • ultraLight leg grippers feature 4.5cm depth, integrating Lycra with woven silicone grip
  • UMA GT C2 chamois pad is supportive, comfortable, hypo allergenic, and highly breathable
    • Chamois tech: superAir microShock foam/9mm, 3D Waffle 3L perforated, goldenGate chamois support and movement freedom system
    • New odorControl Top Sheet Tex in Sugar Blue
    • Thermoformed shaping of the foam reduces ridges, irritation; odor-resistant top sheet ensures freshness
  • Inseam: 9.5" (Medium)
  • Materials: 81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: blackSeries
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