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Clothing Tights & Knickers - Womens

Assos UMA GT Spring Fall Half Tights

No company does women's cycling clothing like Assos, as they deliver a full range of high quality and top performing garments that equal the properties of the men's line, but developed specifically for women. The shoulder season UMA GT Spring/Fall Half Tights are sewn with a blend of ultrasoft and insulating fabrics, paired with the proven female-specific UMA GT insert and signature fit. They're ideal for those cool fall and spring rides where full-length coverage and a touch of insulation make all the difference.

To make a tight that would meet the demands of spring and fall's cooler-yet variable-conditions, the material experts developed two new textiles specifically for the task. RX EVO makes up the majority of the tights' paneling-an evolution of our workhorse RX-and features an ECO water-repellent treatment for further protection from light precipitation. The backs of the legs are made up of RX Light for added breathability in this high-flex zone, with both brushed-back textiles remaining ultrasoft against the skin. The fit of the tights is where the UMAs really shine, falling under Assos regularFit category, which means they're lightly compressive where they need to be, but not as tight or restrictive as the racingFit apparel.

The anatomically informed fabric panels flex with each pedal stroke, as they're both pre-shaped and sewn to fully wrap and support the upper and lower leg muscles while in motion. The elastic pad insert is the UMA GT, featuring 8mm of plush memory foam for total comfort from the outset of every ride. Finally, the the fold-over 2L Waist design smoothly wraps across the abdominals for a secure, supportive but pressure-free fit.


  • Warm, mildly protective full length women's tight with excellent comfort
  • regularFit optimized for total comfort while riding, more relaxed than racingFit
  • RX EVO brushed warp-knit fabric developed to provide exceptional comfort, wick moisture, add high levels of insulation, and remain extremely flexible; 250g/m2, ECO water-repellent, and odorControl
  • RX EVO Light-weight, asymmetrical-stretch warp-knit fabric developed to provide light insulation and boost comfort in high-flex areas; 220g/m2, ECO water-repellent, and odorControl
  • Aerofit ultrasoft warp-knit applied to the waist, woven with an open structure for maximum ventilation and featuring high elasticity plus built-in odorControl
  • UMA S7 EVO elastic interface insert, evolved; black colorway, and proven 8mm of memory foam, this female-specific insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance
  • 3D waffle patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight
  • goldenGate patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert's side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area
  • 2L Waist has fold-over front panel that creates a smooth, pressure-free transition between the body and fabric
  • Reflective Accent strips placed on the backs of the legs for added visibility
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: blackSeries
  • Weight: 225 grams (Medium>
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