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Mountain Disc Brake Rotors

Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor

The Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor has been a durable, effective, and dependable steel rotor over several years. Featured with the Juicy and BB7/BB5 brakes in multiple iterations, the G2 Clean Sweep delivers ample braking surface while the machined cut-outs sweep away mud, water or other materials that can impede stopping power. While most riders will be running 160mm versions front and rear, some road users will be running the 140m in the rear. Please check your existing set-up before installing.

While it is not as light as other G series models, the G2 does offer the best combination of braking functionality, performance, and durability. This has made the steel rotor a favorite of commuters and gravel riders who run Avid's mechanical disc brakes (BB7/BB5). The rotor itself is stiff, which means it will hold it's shape better than most lighter steel rotors. This is significant when you have to true the rotor to bring it back into plane. Squeal is minimum and stopping power is consistent when your pads and calipers are in good shape and properly adjusted. When possible after riding in the rain or mud, lightly brush off your pads and wipe the rotor down with alcohol to keep the system working at peak capacity.


  • Steel, 6-bolt disc brake rotor featured on many Avid Juicy and the BB7/BB5 brakes
  • Excellent replacement rotor for commuters, gravel, and trail riders
  • Directional cut-out pattern sweeps water and debris away while braking
  • Minimal squeal with excellent stopping power when maintained properly
  • T25 Torx bolt set included (set of 6), pre-prepped with thread locking compound
  • Always tighten bolts in opposing sets, gradually, to 6.2 Nm max
  • Sizes: 140mm, 160mm
  • Weight: 160mm 120g (bolts add 13g)