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Mountain Brake Pads - Standard

Avid Rim Wrangler 2 Brake Pads with Cartridge

This Rim Wrangler 2 holder and brake pad combo offers everything you need to set up an existing cantilever arm. It includes both the holder (brake shoe) and brake pad. The shoes are constructed for light alloy which is durable and dissipates heat. They also feature Avid's universal footprint, meaning they will Shimano and Shimano style pads if you choose to run them in the future. The conical washers on the post make for easy adjustment, including precise toe-in.

The Rim Wrangler 2 pads have a unique design that feels more like rubber than the Shimano-esque compound. They do a good job when it comes to raw stopping power and tend not to fade. These units are sold in pairs, so you will need to buy 2 for a complete bike set-up.


  • Infamous Rim Wrangler compound
  • Includes both pad and holder
  • Pad is the same dimensions as standard Shimano
  • Pin replacement
  • Fits most cantilever style brakes