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Bar Fly 4 Mini Mount

Still prefer a smaller computer head unit, such as a Garmin 520 for your road training? Bar Fly has revamped their line of head unit, camera, light mounts, etc., and cyclists are the real beneficiaries of this process. Now sold as kits, with modular mount interfaces and features, with several options included, the BarFly mounts are more versatile, adaptable, and deliver greater value and potential for the buyer. Of course, the out-front style mounts provide optimal bar position and viewing angle for the rider, and are now offered in several styles and purpose. The lightweight, road Bar Fly 4 Mini Mount was designed specifically for smaller head units, to keep your entire cockpit more compact. The molded, Delrin structure is strong and resilient, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The material won''t damage your bar or accessory unit interfaces, making it ideal for the daily on-off process you go through before and after your ride.

The modular system mounts the following computers and accessories: Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Mio, Magellan, Cateye, Powertap, Bryton, GoPro, Di2/EPS junction Box and most barrel-shaped lights, which is an incredible versatility unmatched by any other product. The lights, cameras, and junction boxes all mount underneath the computer/head unit mount, which can also be run solo. All it takes are a few minutes, a hex key, and the ability to attach rubber straps (for lights) for you to set up your desired equipment. Bar Fly is using a hinged handlebar clamp with a single fastening bolt for fast, easy installation and removal. You have the flexibility of running a 35mm diameter handlebar, and a slick shim is used when running a 31.8mm bar.

With a number of out-front style mounts on the market, Bar Fly delivers the most flexibility of use and overall value, with standout performance. If you are a road cyclist running larger computers and also enjoy using a camera or light at the same time, this Bar Fly 4 Mini Mount kit is the perfect solution.


  • Out-front mount system for smaller computer units, offsets head in front of stem
  • Strong, light resilient mount made with Delrin plastic
  • Features hinged, clamp, single bolt fastening and modular multi-mount system
  • Easy to swap out and secure mount types, hex bolts for security
  • Modular system works with following computers/accessories with included mounts:
    • GoPro/Finned-style mount (works with other brands that use same mount)
    • Di2/EPS mount for junction box
    • Light mount- universal to barrel style, using stout rubber strap bands
    • Computer/Head units:
      • Garmin Edge Series 200, 500, 510, 520
      • Garmin Watches 910XT, 920XT
      • Polar M450, Cateye, Bryton 21, 40, 100, 200, 210, 310
  • Compatible with 35.0mm and 31.8mm diameter round handlebars (shim to 31.8mm)
  • Lifetime Warranty, can register at Bar Fly's website
  • Color: Black