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Bell Z20 Aero MIPS Helmet

Love the Bell Z20's fit, comfort and protection but would like a better aerodynamic frontal section? Here it is, the Z20 Aero MIPS helmet.This aero road helmet is designed for racing, and suitable for any serious riding. It is equipped with integrated MIPS high-level impact and brain safety protection, with a streamlined, sleek fit. The Z20 Aero MiPS Helmet represents the accumulative knowledge of the best known and longest running bicycle helmet manufacturer in the United States. With impressive comfort, adjustability, and ventilation, the Z20 design is a truly forward thinking design.

For the Z20 Aero MiPS, Bell uses a unique progressive layering energy management system that utilizes two distinct densities in separate layers of hard shelled EPS foam instead of a single thick layer. This offers more compressive energy absorption and structural integrity in case of impact. In addition to this dual layer Fusion In-Mold EPS with Polycarbonate shell, add in Integrated MIPS system which not only enables the designers to improve impact performance via the multi-density foam, while time delivering MiPS protection with a more compact overall shape, sleeker design and maximized ventilation. In the Z20 Aero, the polycarbonate shell covers front vent zones on both sides- like a fairing, but fully structure despite aero shaping. The other vents take up the slack and channel air within, but you have to figure the 10 vents offer less flow than thr 18 of the standard Z20.

MiPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It was developed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. By essential decoupling the retention cradle from the helmet structure, this leading slip-plane technology greatly lessens shearing forces and rebound effects that can be so damaging to the brain during an impact. The is a proven system, and while of course nothing will eliminate damage in impact, MiPS adds a level of effectiveness that is used in conjunction with the EPS shell system to offer the best protection available in a road race helmet.

Bell developed the Float Fit Race™ retention and fit system to fully integrate with MiPS, which has created a more compact and better working system. The design offers three-way adjustability: height (to best match your fit needs), pad width (so the pads hit you in the right places) and tension (for comfortable, appropriate fit retention). A simple and intuitive tension wheel at the rear gets the job done with a single hand, whether tightening or relieving system tension. The highly effective No-Twist Tri-Glides are easy, quick-adjust fasteners that help keep the straps flat and properly positioned relative to your face and the helmet. The thin, but compressive density padding system is anti-microbial thanks to the X-static and XT-2 technologies. The pads are quick drying, and woven with silver fibers that inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. At the brow, above where your eyewear will it, Bell also adds a Sweat Guide brow system to keep as much moisture away from your eyes and glasses as is feasible.

Ventilation from front to rear and over the top is provided via 10 substantial vents that are sculpted for structural integrity, air channeling and release. Overbrow ventilation features intake ports on the brow serve to usher in cool air and push it through the air-channel matrix for full-head ventilation despite the reduction in overall open areas. Bell adds small touches, such as Sunglass Guides in the structure for quick, easy, and stable use. For all these features and technologies, and superior structural and MiPS protection, a medium size helmet weighs in at 296 grams, with perfect balance and fit that makes you think it weighs 50 grams less. The Z20 Aero MiPS Helmet is a great variation in the Z20 family, perhaps the best road helmet this storied company has ever designed and produced. With the Z20 Aero MIPS, Bell wants you to have it all, and it delivers.


  • Bell's most advanced, aero-balanced road race helmet with top protection
  • Compact overall shape, sleeker design and maximized ventilation
  • Drag defying aero shape for countering headwinds, onrushing air
  • Essentially a true Z20 with shaped fairings covering formerly open vent zones
  • Unique progressive layering EPS energy management system
  • Two separate density layers of hard-shell EPS foam, w/polycarbonate shell
  • MiPS system fully integrates with Fusion In-Mold EPS and Float Fit Race
  • Float Fit Race retention and fit system with three-way adjustability: height, pad width and tension with a rear thumbwheel control
  • Lightweight synthetic straps with No-Twist Tri-Glides; lay flat, adjust easily
  • Antibacterial X-Static and XT-2 padding, brow Sweat Guide padding
  • Sunglass guides are designed into structure
  • 10 sculpted vents provide intake, flow, and exhaust with modified intake and channeling
  • Overbrow ventilation features intake ports on the brow of the helmet to usher in cool air and push it through the air-channel matrix for full-head ventilation
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black/White/Crimson, White
  • Weight: 296 grams (Medium)
Head Circumference51-55 cm / 20"-21.75"55-59 cm / 21.75"-23.25"59-63 cm / 23.25"-24.75"