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The Mammoth AnyValve Mini Pump features the inspired Blackburn Designs Anyvalve™ pump head. This sweet design works automatically with any Presta or Schrader valve type. The pump has a large diameter aluminum barrel and 11" length that makes quick work of inflating high-volume bike tires up to 90 psi. The locking pump head and rubber grip on the handle help to provide a secure seal and solid pumping action in any condition.

While you can certainly tuck this pump into your hydration pack or jersey pocket, there is also a standard bottle cage style mount included which is ideal for commuters or those shorter rides when you want to have a pump along, but don't wear a pack. Blackburn pumps have a Lifetime warranty, and all the internals are serviceable/replaceable. The Mammoth series pumps have been highly regarded for years, and with the new AnyValve head design, this is the best Mammoth yet.

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  • Excellent small pump for mountain, cyclocross or hybrid use
  • AnyValve™ head works with Presta or Schrader valves automatically
  • Tough aluminum barrel resistant to impact
  • Pushes high volume of air per stroke, fills fast
  • Ergonomic folding T-handle with rubber grip surface makes action safe and sure
  • 90 psi maximum
  • Includes bottle cage boss standard mounting bracket
  • Serviceable internals offer potential long life span
  • Lifetime warranty from Blackburn
  • Length: 11" long
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Weight: 157 grams
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