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Accessories Water Bottle Cages

Elegant, sculptural, minimal, very light weight. These artistic and weight weenie descriptors can all be applied to the 16 gram(!) Blackburn Design Cinch Carbon Cage. The assumptions most make with superlight carbon bottle cages is that they will be too weak, or fail to provide the necessary bottle retention, but the overall coverage of the Cinch supports more of the length the bottle, and arms are actually reasonably stiff, as aspect that won't degrade over time. The upper and lower retention tabs are subtle, but fully integrated into the design, and very effective. Blackburn spent a lot of time in the lab and in the real world developing the overall bottle retention system, and it is proven effective on the roughest roads.

The Cinch Carbon Cage is made with 100% UD carbon fiber, and features a spine design that allows the provided bolts to recess away from the bottle, but also adds structural stiffness overall. The carbon is inherently light weight, but also very strong and resilient to daily use. The 16 gram weight is for the Black Matte color, as when you add paint and or clear you can add up to 2-3 grams. As if 19 grams was a deal breaker! While the shape and design elements are personal to each buyer (and perhaps their frame design), we have zero concerns about the structural integrity of the Cinch. There is a reason that smaller frames, with less room for angling bottles in and out, may not not favor the Cinch. That is why we have provided the full dimensions below.

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  • Superlight, elegantly shaped carbon bottle cage, with great retention
  • Long, thin, curved sculptural arms provide considerable bottle coverage
  • UD carbon is strong, light, and resilient
  • Dimensions: Height 5.625"/142.8mm, Width 3"/76.2mm
  • Two mounting bolts included
  • Available in multiple finish/color combinations
  • Colors/Finish: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Matte White
  • Weight: 16 grams
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